The Waking Shores

Main Story Quests

All Factions

Quest OrderQuest Name
8Excuse the Mess
9My First Real Emergency!
10The Djaradin Have Awoken
11Reporting for Duty
12Invader Djaradin
12Deliver Whelps from Evil
13Time for a Reckoning
14Black Talon Intel
14The Obsidian Citadel
15Veteran Reinforcements
16Chasing Sendrax
17Future of the Flights
17Red in Tooth and Claw
17Library of Alexstrasza
18A Last Hope
19For the Benefit of the Queen
20The Mandate of the Red
20.1Training Wings
20.1How to Glide with Your Dragon
20.2How to Dive with Your Dragon
20.3How to Use Momentum with Your Dragon
20.4The Skytop Observatory
20.5A New Set of Horns
20.6Dragon Glyphs and You
20.7Return to the Ruby Lifeshrine
21Who Brought the Ruckus?
22The Primary Threat
23Basalt Assault
24Egg Evac
25Cut Off the Head
26Exeunt, Triumphant
27Wrathion Awaits
28Lessons from Our Past
29Best Plans and Intentions
29Sharp Practice
30Talon Strike
30No Time For Heroes
31The Courage of One’s Convictions
31.1Taking the Walls
32Obsidian Oathstone
33A Shattered Past
34Forging a New Future
35The Spark
36Restoring the Faith
37Claimant to the Throne
37Heir Apparent
38Black Wagon Flight
39The Last Eggtender
40Eggcited for the Future
41Life-Binder on Duty
42A Charge of Care
43Next Steppes

Sojourner of the Waking Shores

Save the Hippos!

Erstwhile Ecologists is an optional quest for this portion of the achievement that will only appear after completing the Invader Djaradin and Deliver Whelps from Evil main story quests.

Quest OrderQuest Name
1Erstwhile Ecologists
2A Scalpel of a Solution
2Wildlife Rescue
3Forensic Ecology
4A Sledgehammer of a Solution
4Don’t Be So Shellfish
4A Quack for Help

Ruby Lifecalling

Quest OrderQuest Name
1A Ruby Lifecalling
2Nursery Direction
2.1Leave Bee Alone
2.1Just a Trim
2.2A Better Start
2Garden Party
2.1Flowers of Our Labor
2.2Huddle at the Hollow
2.4Home Is Where the Frogs Are
2.5Garden Party
2Hornstrider Havoc
2.1Deluge Dilemma
2.1Beaky Reclamation

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