Talon Strike

Talon Strike is a quest in The Waking Shores.

Talon Strike
Zone The Waking Shores
Questgiver Wrathion
Quest Start Coordinates 42.47, 66.84 The Waking Shores
Quest Completion Wrathion
Quest Completion Coordinates 34.01, 61.29 The Waking Shores
Previous Quests Best Plans and Intentions
  • Sharp Practice
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    Talon Strike Quest Guide

    Wrathion asks you to aid the Blacktalon in disrupting the Djaradin camp. Destroy interactive objects around the camp and/or kill Djaradin forces to fill the meter. Speak to Wrathion at 34.01, 61.29 once you have filled the meter to complete the quest.

    Talon Strike Quest Start

    Talon Strike is started by speaking to Wrathion at 42.47, 66.84 after completing Best Plans and IntentionsSharp Practice.

    Talon Strike Quest End

    Talon Strike is completed by speaking to Wrathion at 34.01, 61.29.