Where Is the Great Vault in Valdrakken?

An image of the Great Vault in the bank in Valdrakken

The Great Vault is one of the most important features for gearing your characters in Dragonflight. Because of this, you’ll be visiting the Great Vault frequently, so it’s important to know where it is from the start.

The Great Vault in Valdrakken is located at 58.86, 57.91 in the Valdrakken Treasury Hoard, the Bank in Valdrakken.

Where Can You Exchange Tokens from the Great Vault?

If you don’t like any of the rewards you can select from for the week in the Great Vault, you can instead choose to receive tokens. These Great Vault Tokens can be traded to Evantkis, the Token Exchange vendor, who is standing to the right of the Great Vault at 58.25, 57.77. There are a variety of rewards available, so if nothing in the Great Vault is an upgrade for you, you can always buy something useful with the Tokens.

Do I Have to Go to the Great Vault to Check My Rewards?

To open your Great Vault after a weekly reset, you do need to actually visit the Great Vault. If you’d just like to check how many reward slots you’re eligible for, however, you can open your Group Finder, click the Mythic+ Dungeons tab, and then click the Great Vault Rewards button in the center of the menu.

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