Where Can You Place Crafting Orders in Valdrakken?

An image of the crafting order NPC's in Valdrakken

Crafting Orders are a new system in Dragonflight that allow you to post jobs for crafters to fulfill in exchange for a commission. Crating orders allow you to have gear made exactly the way you want instead of hoping the stats you want will be on gear already listed on the Auction house.

You can place Crafting Orders by visiting the Artisan’s Consortium at 35.65, 61.12 in The Artisan’s Market in Valdrakken and speaking to the NPCs.

Valdrakken Crafting Order NPCs

There are three NPCs you can speak to at the Artisan’s Consortium to place Crafting Orders: Head Clerk Mimzy Sprazzlerock, Clerk Scaravelle, and Clerk Silverpaw. Speaking to these NPCs will give you access to the Crafting Orders menu where you can place Crafting Orders by searching for the item you would like crafted and depositing the materials and gold.

It’s important to note that you can not fulfill Crafting Orders from this menu. If you’re a crafter looking to fulfill orders, you’ll need to visit the Crafting Station for your profession and open the Crafting menu. There will be a tab along the bottom where you can view Crafting Orders you can fulfill.

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