Complete Guide to Pandaria Skinning

wyrmhorn turtle pool pandaria skinning

Pandaria Skinning is one of the fastest professions to level 1-75. It’s also a great way to make gold while you’re leveling your character since you’ll likely be killing a lot of skinnable creatures anyway. It’s like free bonus loot! This guide will teach you the basics of the Pandaria Skinning profession and show you the fastest way to level Pandaria Skinning 1-75.

Where Is The Pandaria Skinning Trainer?

There are three Pandaria Skinning Trainers — one in Paw’don Village for the Alliance, one in Honeydew Village for the Horde, and one in the Nesingwary Safari that will teach Pandaria Skinning to both factions.

Alliance Pandaria Skinning Trainer Location

The Alliance Pandaria Skinning trainer, Hao of the Stag’s Horns, is located at Paw’don Village in The Jade Forest, at the coordinates 44.83, 85.63. Hao of the Stag’s Horns will only teach Alliance players Pandaria Skinning skills.

hao of the stags horns alliance pandaria skinning trainer

Horde Pandaria Skinning Trainer Location

The Horde Pandaria Skinning trainer, Trapper Ri, is located at Honeydew Village in The Jade Forest, at the coordinates 27.77, 15.47. Trapper Ri will only teach Horde players Pandaria Skinning skills.

trapper ri horde pandaria skinning trainer

Neutral Pandaria Skinning Trainer Location

The Neutral Pandaria Skinning trainer, Mr. Pleeb, is located at the Nesingwary Safari in Valley of the Four Winds, at the coordinates 15.94, 83.10. Mr. Pleeb will teach both Alliance and Horde characters Pandaria Skinning skills.

mr pleeb neutral pandaria skinning trainer

Pandaria Skinning Skills

Pandaria Skinning Trainers offer two Skinning skills, the base version of Skinning and Pandaria Skinning. Pandaria does not have skill ranks like Legion and Battle for Azeroth Skinning have, so you just need to buy the Pandaria Skinning skill from the trainer and you’re good to go!

SkillSkill LevelPrice
Pandaria Skinning140g

Pandaria Leather

There are four different types of crafting materials you’ll get when skinning in Pandaria. These are primarily used for crafting by the Pandaria Leatherworking profession.

  • Exotic Leather
  • Prismatic Scale
  • Sha-Touched Leather
  • Magnificent Hide

Out of the four, Magnificent Hide is the rarest material. It has a very low drop chance when skinning Pandaria mobs. Leatherworkers are able to turn Exotic Leather into Magnificent Hide, however.

Sha-Touched Leather can be turned into Exotic Leather. A player with the Pandaria Skinning profession can convert five Sha-Touched Leather into one Exotic Leather.

Plump Intestines From Pandaria Skinning

Occasionally, you’ll loot an item called Plump Intestines when you skin a creature in Pandaria. You can right-click this item to open it. Plump Intestines will contain a small amount of gold and trash items that you can vendor.

Pandaria Skinning Leveling Guide – Fastest Way To Level Pandaria Skinning 1-75

The fastest way to level Pandaria Skinning is to skin the Wyrmhorn Turtles in the Valley of the Four Winds. Using this spot, I was able to level up Pandaria Skinning to max skill level in 8 minutes and 30 seconds on a max level character! There are a few dozen turtles at the pool so there are plenty of them to skin, and they have a relatively short respawn time.

valley of the four winds pandaria skinning guide map

If you can one-hit the turtles, you’ll still run out of them after a couple of minutes before they start respawning. When that happens, you’ll want to go up the hill a bit and start skinning the Adolescent Mushan. There are usually a half dozen or so of them wandering there. Kill a few and by the time you’ve done that, more of the turtles should have spawned down at the pool.

In addition to leveling up your Pandaria Skinning quickly, you’ll also get some Exotic Leather, Prismatic Scales, Plump Intestines, Motes of Harmony, Raw Turtle Meat, and Mushan Ribs. You can sell these on the Auction House for a nice chunk of gold, or use them to level up your other professions like Pandaria Cooking or Pandaria Leatherworking.

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