Shadowlands Beta Character Wipe Tomorrow, August 5th

Blizzard announced in a blue post today that they will be wiping all test characters on the Shadowlands Beta during tomorrow’s Beta maintenance. Players will have to start the Shadowlands expansion from the beginning — either as their own characters with a character copy, or with a level 50 template character — and play through all of the content again. All methods of skipping directly to endgame content will be removed during the maintenance as well.

Blizzard mentioned that this wipe would be coming during their Shadowlands Livestream on July 8th. This will be an important end-to-end testing period and give players the most accurate experience of what the expansion will be like. This will give Blizzard a chance to fine-tune issues and identify pain points in the flow of the expansion.

During Beta maintenance tomorrow morning (August 5), we intend to delete all test characters in the Shadowlands Beta.

Once the Beta realms are live with the new build of the Shadowlands Beta, please copy your test character(s) over and start with the quest “A Chilling Summons”.

All of the means by which content can be skipped (flaskataurs) will also be removed.

Thank you!

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