Complete Guide to Shadowlands Fishing – Shadowlands Fishing Overview, Leveling 1-200, and Shadowlands Fish Farming

shadowlands fishing trainer retriever au'prin

Shadowlands Fishing Overview

Fishing in Shadowlands is a lot more engaging than it was in Battle for Azeroth. Zone-specific fish are back, instead of continent-specific fish, and bait has made a return. Bait will help you better target the specific fish you’re looking to farm.

It can be rather difficult to find good fishing spots in the Shadowlands, as some zones have very little fish-able water, or what water you can find is surrounded by mobs. We have provided a list below of the best spots to fish in each Shadowlands zone, selected for their lack of hostile mobs and their proximity to a flight path, making them a convenient choice for a quick farming session to craft some food before Mythic Plus runs or Raid night.

Shadowlands Fish

There are six different fish to catch in the Shadowlands. Two of the fish, the Lost Sole and the Elysian Thade, can be caught in every zone. The Lost Sole is the most common fish you’ll catch unless you’re using a bait to target a specific fish. The Elysian Thade is the rare fish this expansion and has a lower chance of being caught.

The other four fish are zone-specific fish. The Silvergill Pike can only be found in Bastion, the Pocked Bonefish can only be found in Maldraxxus, the Iridescent Amberjack can only be found in Ardenweald, and the Spinefin Piranha can only be found in Revendreth.

  • Lost Sole (All Shadowlands zones except the Maw)
  • Silvergill Pike (Bastion Only)
  • Pocked Bonefish (Maldraxxus Only)
  • Iridescent Amberjack (Ardenweald Only)
  • Spinefin Piranha (Revendreth Only)
  • Elysian Thade (All Shadowlands zones except the Maw)

Other Shadowlands Fishing Items

There are several other items you can reel in besides fish in the Shadowlands as well. These include bait (discussed more below), vendor trash grey items, a consumable cosmetic fishing bobber called an Oribobber, Laestrite Skeleton Keys (a Shadowlands Blacksmithing craft), and Shrouded Cloth Bandages (a Shadowlands Tailoring craft). The Laestrite Skeleton Keys and the Shrouded Cloth Bandages are relatively uncommon to catch, so you’re unlikely to fish up a ton of these, while the bait and Oribobbers are more common.

Shadowlands Fishing Trainer

The Shadowlands Fishing Trainer is Retriever Au’prin, located at the coordinates 47.50, 23.60 in the Hall of Shapes in Oribos.

Shadowlands Fishing Vendor

Distributor Au’nagl is the Shadowlands Fishing Vendor. They are located at the coordinates 46.86, 22.57 in the Hall of Shapes in Oribos, right next to the Shadowlands Fishing Trainer, Retriever Au’prin.

Distributor Au’nagl will sell you the following items:

Lost Sole Bait2g 20s
Silvergill Pike Bait2g 20s
Pocked Bonefish Bait2g 20s
Iridescent Amberjack Bait2g 20s
Spinefin Pirahna Bait2g 20s
Elysian Thade Bait2g 20s
Fishing Pole1c
The Brokers Angle’r51g 69s 85c

Shadowlands Bait

In Shadowlands, you can use bait to give you a higher chance to catch a specific fish for 30 mins. Bait will only work if you are in the right zone to catch the fish. You can catch the bait while you’re fishing, or buy it from a fishing vendor.

  • Lost Sole Bait
  • Silvergill Pike Bait (Requires Bastion)
  • Pocked Bonefish Bait (Requires Maldraxxus)
  • Iridescent Amberjack Bait (Requires Ardenweald)
  • Spinefin Piranha Bait (Requires Revendreth)
  • Elysian Thade Bait

Shadowlands Fishing Pole – The Brokers Angle’r

The fishing vendor in Oribos offers a special fishing rod for sale, The Brokers Angle’r. This fishing rod will increase your fishing skill by 15 and increase your chance to find bait while fishing in the Shadowlands. It’s definitely worth the purchase for only 51g 69s 85c. You’ll end up saving more gold in the long run by catching your own bait vs buying it for 2g 50s each.

Shadowlands Fishing TSM Group

This TSM group contains all of the Shadowlands Fish and Meat.


Best Shadowlands Fishing Farming Spots

While you could choose to fish at any deep enough pool of water you come across in the Shadowlands, some spots really are better than others because of their convenience. We’ve selected the spots below for their proximity to a flight path and lack of hostile mobs. These are great spots to catch fish whether you just need to grab a few before raid or want to set out the fishing chair and park yourself there for hours!

Best Shadowlands Fishing Spot Bastion

The best spot for fishing in Bastion is the pools at Purity’s Reflection located at the coordinates 53.18, 73.62. This is the best spot to catch Silvergill Pike. There are no hostile mobs, and it’s a short walk from the Aspirant’s Rest Flight Point.

Best Shadowlands Fishing Spot Maldraxxus

The best fishing spot in Madraxxus is a pool right behind the Flight Master, Wing Guard Alamar (coordinates 49.90, 53.41), at the Theater of Pain Flight Point. This is the best spot to catch Pocked Bonefish. There are no hostile mobs to attack you and it’s right next to a flight point, so it’s convenient to get to.

Best Shadowlands Fishing Spot Ardenweald

Best Fishing Spot in Ardenweald

The best fishing spot in Ardenweald is Tirna Vaal. This is the best spot to catch Iridescent Amberjack. The entire area is basically one big pool, so you can fish right there within easy reach of a flight master, vendors, and a mailbox.

Best Shadowlands Fishing Spot Revendreth

Best Fishing Spot in Revendreth

The best fishing spot in Revendreth is a pool at The Night Market (located at the coordinates 50.83, 78.25) south of the Wanecrypt Hill Flight Point. This is the best spot to catch Spinefin Pirahna. There are no hostile mobs at the pool to attack you, and there is convenient access to vendors to sell any trash you collect.

How to Level Shadowlands Fishing 1-200

Fishing is the easiest profession to level in Shadowlands. You just need to stand at a fish-able body of water and fish. This profession has 200 skill points, and for a while, you’ll get one skill point per fish. However, as your skill goes up, you’ll need to catch more than one fish per skill point. (Catching trash or other items also counts towards skill points.)

Because it’s so straightforward, there isn’t an ideal way to level fishing. However, if you’re also leveling cooking, it’s a great idea to catch the fish you need while working on that to get both of your secondary professions out of the way in one go.

For more detailed information on leveling Shadowlands Cooking, be sure to check out our Shadowlands Cooking Guide.

You’ll need these fish to level Shadowlands Cooking to max:

Lost Sole76-77
Silvergill Pike24
Pocked Bonefish68
Iridescent Amberjack93
Spinefin Piranha26

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