Where Is The Fishing Trainer In Boralus?

Fishing is a secondary profession that anyone can pick up in addition to their two primary professions. It’s usually a solid, stable goldmaking profession as you get at least one fish every 20 seconds. Not having to move at all makes it a great activity for when you’re stuck in a meeting or chilling watching TV. In Battle for Azeroth, fishing is one of the primary ways to get materials for the cooking secondary profession, making it a great thing to pick up as soon as you get to Boralus. But where is the Kul Tiran Fishing Trainer?

Alan Goyle, the Kul Tiran Fishing Trainer, is located within Tradewinds Market in Boralus at the coordinates 74.16, 5.57. He is next to the little fishing shack above the Inscription trainer. You’ll need to take the stairs by the Jewelcrafting and Mining Trainers to get up there.

Fishing Skills

Alan Goyle will be able to train you in Kul Tiran Fishing and all previous expansion fishing skills.

Kul Tiran Fishing50g
Legion Fishing40g
Draenor Fishing30g
Pandaria Fishing25g
Cataclysm Fishing20g
Northrend Fishing15g
Outland Fishing10g

If you also play Horde, be sure to check out where the Fishing Trainer is in Dazar’alor!

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