How To Get The Glacial Tidestorm Mount

Glacial Tidestorm Mount, which drops off of Jaina in Mythic Battle for Dazzar'alor

The Glacial Tidestorm drops exclusively off of Mythic Jaina in the Battle for Dazar’alor Raid. It’s a really cool mount, and you’ll want to make sure you pick it up before Shadowlands launches in the fall when the drop chance will significantly decrease.

Mythic Jaina Skip NPCs

A couple of months ago, Blizzard added two NPC’s to the Battle for Dazar’alor raid who will allow you to skip to the Jaina Encounter. For Alliance players, you’ll speak to Ensign Roberts. For Horde players, you’ll speak to Otoye. Both NPC’s can be found immediately inside the Battle for Dazar’alor raid.

If you’ve already defeated Mythic Jaina, speaking to them will give you an option to skip straight to the encounter. If you haven’t defeated the Mythic Jaina encounter before, Ensign Roberts or Otoye will not give you the option to skip to the Jaina encounter. You’ll need to make sure your group leader has defeated Mythic Jaina before to skip to Jaina.

Mythic Jaina Strategy

With a decently geared and coordinated group, Mythic Jaina is a pretty easy fight at this point in the expansion. Before you start the fight, you’ll want to make sure everyone unbinds their interrupt or removes it from their action bar. Certain abilities, such as Avenger’s Shield, also trigger an interrupt, so Protection Paladins will want to unbind that as well. If you interrupt Jaina during Intermission One: Howling Winds, the exploit strategy we are using here to not trigger Phase Two, Intermission Two, and Phase Three of the fight will not work and you are significantly more likely to wipe.

It is also important to make sure you don’t use Heroism, Timewarp, or Bloodlust during Phase One: Burning Seas, as you will become unable to damage Jaina for 20 seconds. You can, however, use the Mallet of Thunderous Skins, the Leatherworking Tool of the Trade, to get the buff if your group needs the extra damage to burn the boss down to 60% in Phase One to trigger Intermission One.

The strategy below will refer to abilities discussed and explained in the Mythic Jaina Mechanics section.

Phase One: Burning Seas Strategy

During Phase One: Burning Seas, your goal will be to burn Jaina’s HP down to 60% as fast as possible to make it to Intermission One before the first Ring of Ice. If you aren’t able to burn her down before the first Ring of Ice, you are much more likely to wipe, as that mechanic can be brutal on Mythic difficulty even with 470+ ilvl gear.

You’ll want to split the raid team into two groups: a ranged group and a melee group. The ranged players will all group together in the back of the ship, and the melee players will all group around Jaina. It is important that you stay grouped, as Gathering Blizzard will trigger Freezing Blood.

On pull, you’ll need to either burn down the two Kul Tiran Marines standing next to Jaina as fast as possible or have your Priests Mind Control them off of the boat. If you don’t have Priests, dealing as much AoE and Cleave damage as you can is important while DPSing the Kul Tiran Marines down, as you want to be dealing as much damage as possible to Jaina herself.

During Phase One, the Kul Tiran Corsairs will be casting Bombard. This is an attack on a targeted location and leaves a pool of Searing Pitch. You’ll want to avoid the Bombard explosions, as they hurt quite a bit and knock you back. If you’re not careful, they will knock you off the boat, which will kill you.

Jaina will be casting several abilities during Phase One. The easiest one to avoid is Freezing Blast. This attack will blast in a straight line in front of her. It will knock any players it hits back. It will also clear any pools of Searing Pitch it touches, so it can be helpful for clearing some of the excess pools on the ground. Because it will cast in front of her, tanks are able to aim it somewhat, but occassionally Jaina seems to bug and fire it in a more random direction.

The next ability Jaina will be casting — and arguably the most dangerous — is Avalanche. This one can easily wipe the raid if people who are targeted by it don’t run it out of the group. Several players will be targeted by this ability and see small, blue arrows above their heads. They’ll need to run the attack out of the raid, and preferably over pools of Searing Pitch to clear them. Be sure to be quick about returning to the party so you don’t trigger Freezing Blood.

These should be the major mechanics you’ll have to deal with if you are fast enough during Phase One. If you aren’t fast enough, you’ll likely encounter a Ring of Ice, and area of effect attack with a few seconds of cast time. You’ll need to run away from Jaina and stand in the Searing Pitch to avoid being frozen when the cast goes off.

Intermission One: Howling Winds Strategy

Once you get Jaina to 60% HP, you’ll want to have the melee and ranged groups both stack together near the right edge of the boat while she starts to do her bubble to teleport to the center of the icy battlefield where the rest of the encounter takes place. Make sure that you break out anyone who is already Frozen Solid before the team jumps off the boat. If there are dead team members that you know you’ll need for the rest of the fight, battle rez them before you jump off the boat, as you will not be able to do so afterward.

We’ve now entered Intermission One: Howling Winds, which as long as you don’t interrupt Jaina, will be the only other phase in our Mythic Jaina exploit strategy. Jump off the boat as a group and stick close together. You’ll want to all move as a group. Avoid the Glacial Shards radiating from Jaina and the Icebound Images. If someone gets hit by one and is frozen, break them out as soon as possible.

There will also be Blistering Tornados to deal with during this phase. Avoid getting hit with these, as just one hit knocking you too far from the group and into the Glacial Shards can easily result in death.

You’ll want to hug the left wall and carefully make your way as a group towards Jaina. When you encounter Icebound Images, make sure you kill them. They buff Jaina with Arctic Armor, making her harder to kill.

Once you make your way to Jaina, make sure no one interrupts her. You’ll want to all stick together in one big group right in front of the boss. The people in the very front of the group will keep being hit by Glacial Shards and become frozen. Your entire group should be dealing as much AoE and Cleave damage as possible to keep breaking people out of the ice while damaging Jaina.

Once you’ve made it to this point, congratulations! You’re pretty much guaranteed a successful kill. Just keep DPSing and breaking people out of the ice and you’ll down the boss. You’ll just have to open the chest once the fight ends and see if you were one of the two lucky people in your group to nab the Glacial Tidestorm mount from your Mythic Jaina kill!

Mythic Jaina Mechanics

General Mechanics

Throughout the entire fight, players will have to deal with several mechanics revolving around Jaina’s Frost magic. The general summary of these mechanics equates to make sure you stick close to your raid team to avoid Gathering Blizzard triggering Freezing Blood, and break each other out of the ice quickly when players become Frozen Solid.

Chilling Touch

Being affected by Jaina’s frost spells chills players, reducing their movement speed by 2% and inflicting 2,142 Frost damage every 1 sec. This effect stacks.

Throughout the fight you’ll be dealing with Chilling Touch, which will stack as the fight progresses. The only way to remove stacks Chilling Touch is to stand in Searing Pitch during phase one, or become Frozen Solid and then be broken out of the ice by your team. (There are other ways during Phase 2 of the fight, but our goal is to not trigger Phase 2.)

Frozen Solid

If a player reaches 20 applications of Chilling Touch and drops below 80% health, they are frozen solid in an ice block and stunned for 2 min unless they are freed. Players frozen suffer 11,893 Frost damage every 1 sec.

Frozen Solid will trigger once you reach 20 stacks of Chilling Touch. You’ll need to make sure your team breaks anyone who becomes Frozen Solid out of the ice quickly, as it can kill players if you’re not careful. Being Frozen Solid resets a player’s Chilling Touch stacks. You will be Frozen Solid multiple times during the fight, usually during Intermission One.

Gathering Blizzard

The chilling blizzard causes the ambient temperature to drop and also reduce vision. Players must remain within 10 yds of 1 other player or they gain Freezing Blood.

At 50 power, players must remain within distance of 3 other players.

At 75 power, players must remain within distance of 5 other players.

At full power, vision is severely limited.

Gathering Blizzard requires that you stick close to your teammates. If you don’t keep your buddies close, you’ll trigger Freezing Blood. The best strategy to mitigate this mechanic is to have all of your melee players stack together and all of your ranged players stack together in two separate groups in Phase One and then have the entire team stack together as one big group during Intermission One.

Freezing Blood

After 6 sec, if the target is not within 10 yds of enough other players, the target is frozen solid.

Freezing Blood is triggered when you don’t stay close to your teammates because of the Gathering Blizzard mechanic. You’ll have 6 seconds to get back into range of your team. If you stack the raid as discussed in the strategy section, you’ll be fine most of the fight.

Phase One: Burning Seas Mechanics

Phase One of the Jaina encounter takes place on the Zandalari ship. You’ll be fighting Jaina on the decks while dealing with her Frost magic and the Kul Tiran fleet providing assistance.

Kul Tiran Corsair

Kul Tiran Corsairs periodically arrive to provide cover fire and assistance.

Kul Tiran Marine
  • Marked TargetFixates on a random player.
  • Set Charge – Places munitions barrels that will explode after 10 sec, inflicting 132,812 Fire damage to all players unless it is tossed overboard before it detonates. Barrels that detonate leave behind pools of Searing Pitch.

Kul Tiran Marines have two different mechanics, Marked Target and Set Charge. If you have Priests, you should have them Mind Control the Marines off the side of the boat. If you don’t have Priests, you’ll want to kill them quickly before they are able to use Set Charge.


The Kul Tiran Corsairs bombard the deck of the Zandalari vessel, inflicting 128,458 Fire damage to all nearby players and knocking them back.

Additionally, this ability leaves behind pools of Searing Pitch.

Searing Pitch

Continually inflicts 59,509 Fire damage every 1 sec as long as player stands within the flames. Inflicts greater damage the longer the player stands within the effect.

Also, standing within the flames removes Chilling Touch.

Bombard casts at a targeted location and will leave behind pools of Searing Pitch. If you’re not careful, they can knock you off the boat. Bombard will also hurt quite a bit if you get caught in the initial explosion, so you’ll want to avoid getting hit.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore

Ice Shard

Fires an ice shard at the target that inflicts 100% attack damage as Physical and increases the damage of consecutive ice shards by 10% for 30 sec. This effect stacks.

Ice Shard is a tank mechanic for this fight. It really isn’t much of a problem with 8.3 ilvls. If your main tank is not confident in solo tanking this, make sure they do the usual taunt swaps with an off tank. Otherwise, it can really be a solo tank fight if you have a confident tank with good gear.


Jaina continually hurls ice at her current target’s location every 1 sec for 5 sec inflicting 166,626 Frost damage to players within 7 yards of the impact.

Avalanche is one of the more punishing abilities in Phase One. It will target multiple players, who will need to carefully run the ability out of the raid. There will be five Avalanche impacts that go off per player, dealing AoE damage within 7 yards of the spot the player was just standing in. It is important that players who are targeted run out of the raid and keep moving so they don’t get hit, and then run back into the raid immediately to avoid Gathering Blizzard triggering Freezing Blood.

Time Warp

Warps the flow of time, increasing haste by 30% for 40 seconds. Those affected will be unable to benefit from Bloodlust, Heroism, or Timewarp again for 10 min.

Jaina will use Time Warp during Phase One to boost her haste, and all spells will be faster.

Grasp of Frost

Targets a random player and inflicts 107,031 Frost damage on impact and roots them for 8 sec.

Also applies a stack of Chilling Touch every 2 sec for 8 sec.

Healers will need to dispel Grasp of Frost off of players, as it can be punishing when trying to move out of Bombard or Freezing Blast.

Freezing Blast

A cresting wave of ice surges over players in a line in front of the caster, dealing 166,627 Frost damage on impact and knocking enemies back.

Freezing Blast will deal damage in front of Jaina in a straight line, which will chunk your health and knock you back if you’re in the line of fire. This ability can knock you straight off the boat, so pay attention to the direction she is casting it in and don’t stand in front of her. Freezing Blast will also clear Searing Pitch on the ground that it comes into contact with.

Ring of Ice

Unleashes a ring of ice that inflicts 178,980 Frost damage to players within 30 yards and freezes them for 2 min.

Also, inflicts 28,621 Frost damage every 1 sec and roots players greater than 30 yards from the boss for 8 sec.

If you kill Jaina fast enough, you shouldn’t have to deal with Ring of Ice. If you do encounter Ring of Ice, go stand in Searing Pitch so you don’t freeze.

Frozen Siege

The boss randomly chooses a ballista and freezes it in a block of ice. The siege weapon cannot be operated until it is released from this icy prison.

The ranged group needs to make sure they break the ballista out during Phase One. This one is a pretty simple mechanic.

Intermission One: Howling Winds Mechanics

Once Jaina hits 60% HP, you enter Phase Two of the fight. Make sure you break out any people Frozen Solid and battle rez anyone you know you’ll need for the fight before jumping off the boat.

Howling Winds

Jaina blinks away to a random location and conjures a powerful storm, restricting the vision of targets further away.

Additionally, she continually radiates glacial shards outward and summons images that protect her with Arctic Armor.

Glacial Shards

Coming into contact with a Glacial Shard inflicts 33,217 Frost damage and freezes the target in a block of ice.

Glacial Shards are the biggest hurdle in Intermission One. These will freeze players. As you’re making your way to Jaina, its important to break out players that get hit by this, otherwise they will die. Players WILL get frozen by these once you’re at Jaina, usually melee players, so its important to use AoE attacks while you’re DPSing Jaina down to break them out efficiently.

Icebound Image

There will be several Icebound Images as you make your way to Jaina. They will look like spectral versions of Jaina. Make sure you kill them, otherwise you won’t be able to damage Jaina because of the Arctic Armor buff they provide her.

Arctic Armor

Images provide a shield that surrounds the boss, making her immune to damage and interrupts until no images are left.

Blistering Tornado

Inflicts 178,515 Frost damage and knocks enemies away that come into contact with it.

Blistering Tornado hurts, and if you’re not careful, they can easily kill you by chunking your health that’s already ticking away because of Chilling Touch. If one knocks you far enough from your raid group, you’re pretty much dead.

Glacial Tidestorm Mount Droprate

Currently, you are guaranteed to get two Glacial Tidestorm mounts to drop from a Mythic Jaina kill. Once the Shadowlands Pre-patch launches, the drop rate of the mount will be reduced to only 1%. Make sure to get yours before Battle for Azeroth ends!

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