Mythic Jaina Skip Added – Get Your Glacial Tidestorm Mount!

Today, Blizzard announced in a blue post that players would be able skipped directly to Jaina in Mythic level Battle of Dazar’alor by speaking to an NPC. Horde players were already skipping directly to the final boss of the Battle of Dazar’alor Raid using an exploit, so rather than patching the issue, they decided to create an easier way for both factions to make use of a skip.

Both Alliance and Horde players will find their NPC to skip to Jaina at the very start of the raid. Alliance players should look for Ensign Roberts and Horde players should look for Otoye. Both NPC will serve the same function and allow you to skip directly to the Jaina encounter.

Jaina of course drops the Glacial Tidestorm mount, whose droprate will be reduced to 1% at the end of the expansion, so now is a prime time for players to attempt to get this unique mount.

The one caveat to this convienient skip of course is that the player has to have already defeated Jaina on Mythic difficulty in order for the NPC to offer the option to skip directly to her. However, with the amount of people that have already defeated Jaina on Mythic difficulty because of the massive increase in player DPS over the course of the expansion, finding a group looking to run the encounter on Group Finder will be relatively simple, especially since this skip will make it so easy to run every week.

Battle of Dazar’alor

Players who have previously defeated Lady Jaina Proudmoore on Mythic difficulty can now interact with Otoye (Horde) / Ensign Roberst (Alliance) at the entrance of the instance to skip ahead to her encounter.

Developers’ note: We’ve become aware of an exploit that allowed Horde players using a combination of abilities and mounts to get out of bounds and skip to the end of the instance. This was commonly used to more easily get a chance at the Glacial Tidestorm from the Jaina Proudmoore encounter. Rather than just fixing that loophole, we’d like to provide a legitimate avenue that yields the same result.

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