Shadowlands Beta Launching Next Week!

Blizzard announced during the Shadowlands Livestream today that the Shadowlands Beta would be launching next week! With the launch of the Beta, endgame content will be unlocked and the Level Cap will be raised to 60.

A ton of new features will be available once beta opens, including the ability to select a Covenant, the Soulbind system, Sanctums, and more! For a full overview of everything that was covered in the livestream today, check out our in depth overview.

Invites will be going out in waves throughout the summer, so there will be plenty of chances to get in if you don’t get access in the first wave. We don’t know how many people they will be inviting during each wave of beta access invites, but they did mention that when the Castle Nathria Raid becomes available for testing they will specifically be inviting high level raiders to test and give feedback. This likely means ensuring that World First raid teams get invites. Whether they will be making similar, targeted beta access available for testing other types of content such as Mythic Plus or PvP, they did not say.

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