Blizzard has announced that they will be removing the Appearance Change Service from the World of Warcraft cash shop. The Appearance Change service previously cost players $15 USD to be able to change your character’s gender. With the release of Shadowlands Pre-patch, players will be able to change their appearance and gender at Barber Shops in-game in exchange for gold at any time.

The Appearance Change service is still available in the shop now, however, it would be ill-advised to purchase it since it will only be a few gold to change your appearance in-game in a few weeks.

With the release of the pre-expansion patch, players will be able to seek out a Barber Shop for a variety of character customization options, including the ability to change your character’s gender, hair, facial features, and more. Due to this upcoming new in-game option, the Appearance Change service for Shadowlands will be retired from the Blizzard Shop prior to the release of the pre-patch.

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