Where Is the Enchanting Trainer in Dazar’alor?

A screenshot of the outside of the Hall of Glimmers with the words, "Where is the Enchanting Trainer in Dazar'alor?" overlayed

By the time I finished leveling my Horde Demon Hunter and got to Dazar’alor, I had a bag full of gear waiting to be disenchanted. I also had a problem; the enchanting trainer was nowhere in sight. So where is the Zandalari Enchanting trainer in Dazar’alor?

The Zandalari Enchanting trainer, Enchantress Quinni, is in the Hall of Glimmers, which you can access from the Terrace of Crafters. The Entrance to the Hall of Glimmers is located at the coordinates 44.28, 36.96 in Dazar’alor. If you go through the door and down the tunnel at these coordinates, you’ll find yourself in the Hall of Glimmers. Enchantress Quinni is to the left of the Hall, and you’ll also find the Jewelcrafting trainer, Sechuli, to the right.

An image of the entrance to the Hall of Glimmers in Dazar'alor
An image of Enchantress Quinni, the Zandalari Enchanting Trainer, in the Hall of Glimmers in Dazar'alor

Zandalari Enchanting Recipes

Enchantress Quinni has the following recipes available for you to learn.

Enchanting RecipeSkillPrice
Zandalari Enchanting150g
Seal of Critical Strike (Rank 1)125g
Seal of Haste (Rank 1)125g
Seal of Mastery (Rank 1)125g
Zandalari Herbalism125g
Zandalari Mining125g
Zandalari Skinning125g
Zandalari Surveying125g
Cooled Hearthing1028g
Enchanter’s Umbral Wand1028g
Safe Hearthing1028g
Swift Hearthing1028g
Seal of Critical Strike (Rank 2)3530g
Seal of Haste (Rank 2)3530g
Seal of Mastery (Rank 2)3530g
Seal of Versatility3530g
Coastal Surge (Rank 1)4032g50s
Gale-Force Striking (Rank 1)4032g50s
Siphoning (Rank 1)4032g50s
Torrent of Elements (Rank 1)4032g50s
Gloom Dust (Umbra Shard Shatter)4032g50s
Deadly Navigation (Rank 1)6035g
Masterful Navigation (Rank 1)6035g
Quick Navigation (Rank 1)6035g
Stalwart Navigation (Rank 1)6035g
Versatile Navigation (Rank 1)6035g
Pact of Critical Strike (Rank 1)7537g50s
Pact of Haste (Rank 1)7537g50s
Pact of Mastery (Rank 1)7537g50s
Pact of Versatility (Rank 1)7537g50s
Enchanter’s Sorcerous Scepter (Rank 1)8540g
Honorable Combatant’s Sorcerous Scepter8540g
Umbra Shard (Veiled Crystal Shatter)8540g
Disenchanting Rod6050g
Coastal Surge (Rank 2)9550g
Gale-Force Striking (Rank 2)9550g
Siphoning (Rank 2)9550g
Torrent of Elements (Rank 2)9550g
Enchanter’s Sorcerous Scepter (Rank 2)10060g
Pact of Critical Strike (Rank 2)10060g
Pact of Haste (Rank 2)10060g
Pact of Mastery (Rank 2)10060g
Pact of Versatility10060g
Deadly Navigation (Rank 2)12575g
Quick Navigation (Rank 2)12575g
Stalwart Navigation (Rank 2)12575g
Versatile Navigation (Rank 2)12575g
Sinister Combatant’s Sorcerous Scepter13080g
Uncanny Combatant’s Sorcerous Scepter170100g

Fun Facts About Enchantress Quinni

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Zandalari Enchanting trainer is that she is in fact a Blood Elf, and not a Zandalari. Enchantress Quinni is one of only three non-Zandalari Troll trainers in Dazar’alor. The other two are the Engineering trainer, Shuga Blastcaps, who is a Goblin, and the Archaeology trainer, Examiner Alerinda, who is also a Blood Elf.

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