Shadowlands Beta: Paladin Class Changes

In a blue post today, Blizzard announced that the Blessing of the Seasons buff is being reworked to be single target. The buff was previously party-based, and there were changes announced last week that made the buff even stronger when there were multiple paladins in the party.

In an upcoming build, Blessing of the Seasons is reworked to be a single-target buff, instead of being party-based. This is both more in keeping with modern abilities called “Blessings”, and also avoids a lot of balance-related problems that people were seeing on alpha. For example, the damaging Blessings will now be more effective when used solo, not only in group play. All four of the effects have their values increased to go along with this change (caveat that tuning is still quite preliminary). The changes mentioned last week—where multiple Paladins in a group are locked together, and give a hidden increase in strength to the Blessings—are no longer necessary and are reverted.

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