40,000 WoW Classic Accounts Banned Since June 17th

The Gates of Stormwind in Classic WoW

In a blue post today, Blizzard outlined actions they’ve been taking against those breaking terms of service by botting, hacking, or dealing in real money transactions. Since June 17th, they’ve banned 40,000 accounts across the Americas, EU, Korea, and Taiwan.

Blizzard said accounts violating the terms of service in the ways outlined above are only becoming more common in WoW Classic, and they’ve been averaging between 2,000 and 3,000 bans a day, with peak days seeing over 4,000 bans in the period between June 17th and today.

Since the launch of WoW Classic, we’ve taken action daily against accounts that were botting, hacking, and selling in-game services for real money. This continual effort has resulted in the average daily number of accounts actioned consistently increasing in the Americas, EU, Korea, and Taiwan. In May of this year, we witnessed a surge in the number of botters, and our intensification of efforts to eliminate them brought our average of actioned accounts upwards into the thousands per day.

Since our last post about this issue on June 17, we’ve continued to remove exploiters at a high pace, typically 2,000-3,000 per day, with over 4,000 accounts actioned on some days. This daily effort has resulted in actions taken against over 40,000 accounts since June 17 in the Americas, EU, Korea, and Taiwan.

We’re dedicated to driving the the exploiters away wherever we can, as we continue to make our response to this one of our highest priorities. This is a long-term effort that becomes continuously more difficult, as exploits and those who use them are driven by real money profit motives. We take action constantly, 24/7, to enforce the Blizzard End-User License Agreement 39. Any account that violates or assists others in violating license limitations on hacking, cheating, and other unauthorized use of the game is subject to suspension and removal.

As always, we greatly appreciate your reports. Player reports have been and will remain highly valuable to us, as we must evolve our detection and response methods to stay ahead of the organizations who would otherwise degrade the game for legitimate players.

Thank you very much.

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