Complete Guide to Shadowlands Cooking

Shadowlands Cooking Trainer Chef Au'krut and Shadowlands Cooking Vendor Distributor Au'van

Shadowlands Cooking Overview

Cooking is a secondary profession, so any character is able to pick it up and start making food regardless of whether they already have two primary professions. It’s a useful profession for anyone, especially those who plan on running a lot of Raiding or Mythic Plus content, as you can cut costs by making your own food.

In Shadowlands, there are 18 different recipes available to craft food with. The first two you will get with the Shadowlands cooking skill, 15 of them are available from the Shadowlands Cooking Trainer, and one requires Revered reputation with the Court of Harvesters.

Shadowlands Cooking Materials

Shadowlands Meat

  • Creeping Crawler Meat
  • Raw Seraphic Wing
  • Phantasmal Haunch
  • Shadowy Shank
  • Tenebrous Ribs
  • Aethereal Meat

Shadowlands Fish

  • Lost Sole
  • Iridescent Amberjack
  • Silvergill Pike
  • Pocked Bonefish
  • Spinefin Piranha
  • Elysian Thade

Shadowlands Vendor Cooking Materials

  • Medley of Transplanar Spices
  • Inconceivably Aged Vinegar
  • Smuggled Azerothian Produce
  • Rich Grazer Milk
  • Lusterwheat Flour

Shadowlands Cooking Trainer

The Shadowlands Cooking Trainer is a Broker named Chef Au’krut. They are located at the coordinates 46.20, 25.60 in the Hall of Shapes in Oribos. Chef Au’krut will train you in Shadowlands Cooking Recipes.

Shadowlands Cooking Recipes

All of the recipes are available from the Shadowlands Cooking Trainer, Chef Au’krut, except for the Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism, which is only available from a Court of Harvesters Quartermaster at Revered status. (There is a Court of Harvesters Quartermaster, Darvel the Frugal, in Oribos in The Enclave at the coordinates 46.66, 77.38.)

Shadowlands Cooking SkillSkill LevelCostSource
Shadowlands Cooking11gChef Au’krut
Biscuits and Caviar1NATrain Shadowlands Cooking
Pickled Meat Smoothie1NATrain Shadowlands Cooking
Butterscotch Marinated Ribs1030sChef Au’krut
Sweet Silvergill Sausages1030sChef Au’krut
Meaty Apple Dumplings2075sChef Au’krut
Cinnamon Bonefish Stew2075sChef Au’krut
Banana Beef Pudding301g15sChef Au’krut
Candied Amerjack Cakes301g15sChef Au’krut
Steak a la Mode401g50sChef Au’krut
Tenebrous Crown Roast Aspic401g50sChef Au’krut
Iridescent Ravioli with Apple Sauce451g75sChef Au’krut
Spinefin Souffle and Fries502gChef Au’krut
Seraph Tenders602g50sChef Au’krut
Smothered Shank602g50sChef Au’krut
Fried Bonefish703gChef Au’krut
Surprisingly Palatable Feast703gChef Au’krut
Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism701,736gCourt of Harvesters – Revered

Shadowlands Cooking Vendor

The Shadowlands Cooking Vendor is Distributor Au’van, who is located at the coordinates 46.21, 26.31 in the Hall of Shapes in Oribos right next to Chef Au’krut. Distributor Au’van offers all of the vendor items you need to craft Shadowlands Cooking recipes.

Medley of Transplanar Spices (10)5g
Inconceivably Aged Vinegar (10)3g 75s
Smuggled Azerothian Produce (10)4g 50s
Rich Grazer Milk (10)4g 25s
Lusterwheat Flower (10)3g 50s
Refreshing Spring Water (5)25c
Simple Flour (5)25c
Mild Spices (5)10c

Shadowlands Cooking TSM Groups

This group contains the items crafted from every recipe listed above.


This group contains all of the raw, non-vendor cooking materials.


How to Level Shadowlands Cooking

Leveling Shadowlands Cooking can be a quick task if you plan ahead and know which materials you’ll need to gather or buy. If you’re gathering the materials yourself, you’ll want to make sure you have the Shadowlands Fishing skill trained, and stock up on bait from the fishing vendor for the type of fish you’re after. Make sure to check out our Complete Guide to Shadowlands Fishing for more details!

If you use the recommended recipes below, you will need the following ingredients. We’ve optimized this list so you can level up fishing at the same time as cooking to cut costs and save time instead of gathering other

Shadowlands Fish:

Lost Sole76-77
Silvergill Pike24
Pocked Bonefish68
Iridescent Amberjack93
Spinefin Piranha26

Shadowlands Vendor Cooking Materials:

Medley of Transplanar Spices63
Inconceivably Aged Vinegar34
Smuggled Azerothian Produce97
Rich Grazer Milk22-23
Lusterwheat Flour81-82

Level 1 – 23

Craft one of these recipes 22-23 times.

  • Biscuits and Caviar

Other Recipe Options:

  • Pickled Meat Smoothie

When you learn the Shadowlands Cooking skill, you will also learn two recipes: Biscuits and Caviar and Pickled Meat Smoothie. Usually, the Lost Sole required for the Biscuits and Caviar is cheaper than the Aethereal Meat required for the Pickled Meat Smoothie, which is why the Biscuits and Caviar is the recommended recipe.

You’ll need to craft at least 22 Biscuits and Caviar or Pickled Meat Smoothie to reach Shadowlands Cooking level 23. After reaching level 20, the recipe will turn yellow, and will become green at level 22, so you might need to craft a couple extra for that last skill point. It’s worth it however, as the Lost Sole for the Biscuits and Caviar is usually significantly cheaper than other fish that will be used in higher-level recipes that require more of each material.

Level 23 – 31

Craft Sweet Silvergill Sausages 8 times.

Recommended Recipes:

  • Sweet Silvergill Sausages

Other Recipes:

  • Cinnamon Bonefish Stew
  • Butterscotch Marinated Ribs
  • Meaty Apple Dumplings

Because your cooking skill is now level 23, you’ll have access to four new recipes from the Shadowlands Cooking Trainer: Sweet Silvergill Sausages, Butterscotch Marinated Ribs, Meaty Apple Dumplings, and Cinnamon Bonefish Stew.

The recommended crafting recipe for this bracket is the Sweet Silvergill Sausages unless the ingredients for the others are significantly cheaper. If you’re leveling fishing at the same time, crafting the Cinnamon Bonefish Stew instead of the Sweet Silvergill Sausages means you won’t need to fish in Bastion and can cut down on travel time by doing extra fishing in Maldraxxus.

Level 31 – 40

Craft the Cinnamon Bonefish Stew 9 times.

Recommended Recipe:

  • Cinnamon Bonefish Stew

Other Recipes:

Note: If crafting this recipe, you’ll still need to craft this 5 times, and then craft the Cinnamon Bonefish Stew 4 times to reach level 40.

  • Meaty Apple Dumplings

For Level 31 – 40, the Cinnamon Bonefish Stew is the recommended recipe, as it stays orange throughout this level bracket. You’ll need to craft it 9 times.

Level 40 – 51

Craft the Candied Amberjack Cakes 11 times.

Recommended Recipe:

  • Candied Amberjack Cakes

Other Recipes:

  • Banana Beef Pudding
  • Tenebrous Crown Roast Aspic
  • Steak a la Mode

For level 40-51, we recommend crafting the Candied Amberjack Cakes 11 times. Once you reach this level, some of the other recipes might actually be profitable to craft. If so, it’s likely a better idea to craft those and sell them.

Level 51 – 65

Craft the Iridescent Ravioli with Apple Sauce 14 times.

Recommend Recipe:

  • Iridescent Ravioli with Apple Sauce

Other Recipes:

Note: At level 60, the Steak a la Mode and Tenebrous Crown Roast Aspic turn yellow, so you’ll need to craft 5 of the other two options if using these recipes.

  • Spinefin Souffle with Fries
  • Steak a la Mode
  • Tenebrous Crown Roast Aspic

The Iridescent Ravioli with Apple Sause is the recommended recipe to craft for this level bracket. One of the primary ingredients is Lost Sole, which greatly reduces the crafting cost.

Level 65 – 71

Craft Spinefin Souffle and Fries 6 times.

Recommended Recipe:

  • Spinefin Souffle and Fries

Other Recipes:

  • Seraph Tenders
  • Smothered Shank

In this tier, you have 3 options. The Spinefish Souffle and Fries is the easiest option, as you only need to get two types of main ingredients instead of three for the other recipes. However, as Lost Sole is one of the main ingredients for Seraph Tenders and Smothered Shank, that should reduce cost greatly. If you’re leveling Shadowlands Fishing at the same time, the Spinefish Souffle and Fries is an all-fish recipe, so it’s the most efficient option.

Level 71 – 75

Craft 4 Fried Bonefish.

Recommended Recipe:

  • Fried Bonefish

Other Recipes:

  • Seraph Tenders
  • Smothered Shank
  • Surprisingly Palatable Feast

For this last little stretch, you’ll just need to craft 4 Fried Bonefish. If the Seraph Tenders and the Smothered Shank are cheaper, you could craft 4 of those as well. You could also craft the Surprisingly Palatable Feast, which is convenient if you already need to craft them for your raid group.

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