Hornstrider Havoc

Hornstrider Havoc is a quest in The Waking Shores.

Hornstrider Havoc
Zone The Waking Shores
Questgiver Dazakros
Quest Start Coordinates 61.74, 73.76 The Waking Shores
Quest Completion Dazakros
Quest Completion Coordinates 53.41, 58.39 The Waking Shores
Previous Quest A Ruby Lifecalling
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Hornstrider Havoc Quest Guide

Dazakros, who just accepted his Calling as a Hornstrider caretaker, asks you to visit the hornstrider plateaus with him to help him get settled. Meet Dazakros at 53.41, 58.39 to turn the quest in.

Hornstrider Havoc Quest Start

Hornstrider Havoc is started by speaking to Dazakros at 61.74, 73.76 after completing A Ruby Lifecalling.

Hornstrider Havoc Quest End

Hornstrider Havoc is completed by speaking to Dazakros at 53.41, 58.39.