Library of Alexstrasza

Library of Alexstrasza is a quest in The Waking Shores.

Library of Alexstrasza
Zone The Waking Shores
Questgiver On the Origin of Draconic Species
Quest Start Coordinates 55.25, 24.70 The Waking Shores
Quest Completion Sendrax
Quest Completion Coordinates NA
Previous Quest Chasing Sendrax
Next Quest

Killjoy Quest Guide

Click on the book On the Origin of Draconic Species on the table at 55.25, 24.70 to accept the Library of Alexstrasza quest. The goal of this quest is to save 4 works of cultural significance to stop the Primalists from burning them.

They are located at:

  • The Titanic Comedy at 57.07, 23.79 within the circle of the conduit
  • The Red and Black Flights at 57.62, 23.82 in the building
  • Pride and Protodrakes at 54.65, 20.39 in the fireplace on the lower floor of the building
  • The Lord of the Wings at 54.59, 20.60 on the upper floor of the building
  • Dracuixote at 53.77, 22.01 on a bookcase in the building
  • The Scales of Wrath at 53.35, 22.38 on a bookcase in the building

Once you’ve collected four of them, complete the quest by speaking with Sendrax.

(Sendrax should be following you around the area for the quests here. If she is not, check if she’s at the location you accepted the quests at: 55.17, 24.96 at the Life-Binder Conservatory.)

Killjoy Quest Start

Library of Alexstrasza is started by speaking to On the Origin of Draconic Species at 55.25, 24.70 after completing Chasing Sendrax.

Killjoy Quest End

Library of Alexstrasza is completed by speaking to Sendrax.