A Last Hope

A Last Hope is a quest in The Waking Shores.

A Last Hope
Zone The Waking Shores
Questgiver Sendrax
Quest Start Coordinates NA
Quest Completion Majordomo Selistra
Quest Completion Coordinates 55.07, 30.99 The Waking Shores
Previous Quests Future of the Flights
  • Red in Tooth and Claw
  • Library of Alexstrasza
  • Next Quest

    A Last Hope Quest Guide

    Sendrax is determined to rescue the last of the eggs, no matter the cost. She asks you to join her for the charge. Follow her to 56.23, 22.07 and select the appropriate dialog option to start the charge to save the egg, located at 56.90, 21.60.

    Grab the egg and run back to Caretaker Azkra, located at 55.00, 30.78. You cannot mount or take any actions while holding the egg, or you will drop it. You are granted increased speed while holding the egg, however.

    Majordomo Selistra will fly in. Speak to her to complete the quest.

    (Sendrax should be following you around the area for the quests here so you can accept this quest, A Last Hope, from her. If she is not, check if she’s at the location you accepted the previous quests at: 55.17, 24.96 at the Life-Binder Conservatory.)

    A Last Hope Quest Start

    A Last Hope is started by speaking to Sendrax after completing Future of the FlightsRed in Tooth and ClawLibrary of Alexstrasza.

    A Last Hope Quest End

    A Last Hope is completed by speaking to Majordomo Selistra at 55.07, 30.99.