Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife Rescue is a quest in The Waking Shores.

Wildlife Rescue
Zone The Waking Shores
Questgiver Ecologist Tharu
Quest Start Coordinates 74.51, 42.14 The Waking Shores
Quest Completion Ecologist Tharu
Quest Completion Coordinates 74.51, 42.14 The Waking Shores
Previous Quest Erstwhile Ecologists
Next Quest

Wildlife Rescue Quest Guide

Ecologist Tharu, located at 74.51, 42.14 in The Waking Shore, is tired of inaction and requests you go out there and save the wildlife of the Restless Wetlands. To complete this quest, you must rescue 20 Wildlife.

The quest area contains Riverbeasts, Waterfowl, Sea Turtles, Basilisks, and Crabs for you to save. There are, by our estimates, around 100 animals in the quest area you can click on for this quest, so feel free just to click the first ones you see.

Alternatively — while we’re not necessarily advocating for playing favorites when attempting to balance an ecosystem — you could just rescue your favorite animals. We’ve provided coordinates for the locations of each type of animal below.


  • Located around 74.56, 43.94 in tornadoes, and will knock you back when you save them

Waterfowl (Ducks)

  • Groups located around:
    • 76.35, 44.62
    • 78.65, 47.26
    • 79.12, 49.02

Sea Turtles:

  • Groups located around:
    • 80.97, 48.25
    • 77.12, 49.28

Frenzied Basilisks:

  • Located around 76.24, 47.14

Cowering Crabs:

  • Spread around the entire quest area on the beaches

Once you’ve rescued 20 Wildlife, return to Tharu at 74.51, 42.14 to complete the quest.

Wildlife Rescue Quest Start

Wildlife Rescue is started by speaking to Ecologist Tharu at 74.51, 42.14 after completing Erstwhile Ecologists.

Wildlife Rescue Quest End

Wildlife Rescue is completed by speaking to Ecologist Tharu at 74.51, 42.14.