The Primary Threat

The Primary Threat is a quest in The Waking Shore.

The Primary Threat
Zone The Waking Shore
Questgiver Majordomo Selistra
Quest Start Coordinates 59.49, 72.66 The Waking Shore
Quest Completion Commander Lethanak
Quest Completion Coordinates 59.41, 75.87 The Waking Shore
Previous Quest Who Brought the Ruckus?
Next Quest

The Primary Threat Quest Guide

The Majordomo instructs you to find Commander Lethanak to see how your skills can be best put to use in repelling the Primalist assault. Hop on your drake and glide down to him at 59.41, 75.87 to complete the quest.

The Primary Threat Quest Start

The Primary Threat is started by speaking to Majordomo Selistra at 59.49, 72.66 after completing Who Brought the Ruckus?.

The Primary Threat Quest End

The Primary Threat is completed by speaking to Commander Lethanak at 59.41, 75.87.