Primal Pests (Alliance)

Primal Pests is an Alliance-only quest in The Waking Shores.

Primal Pests
Faction Alliance
Zone The Waking Shores
Questgiver Scalecommander Azurathel
Quest Start Coordinates 82.15, 31.83 The Waking Shores
Quest Completion Scalecommander Azurathel
Quest Completion Coordinates 76.72, 34.42 The Waking Shores
Previous Quest To the Dragon Isles! (Alliance)
Next Quest
Reputation Reward Dragonscale Expedition x 250
Currency Reward 25g 74s 0c

Primal Pests Quest Guide

Scalecommander Azurathel asks that you kill 10 Primal Proto-Dragons to help protect the camp. Kill them while you’re saving expedition members for Explorers in Peril. You’ll turn the quest in with the Scalecommander, who has now relocated to the Wingrest Embassy at 76.72, 31.83.

Primal Pests Quest Start

Primal Pests is started by speaking to Scalecommander Azurathel at 82.15, 31.83 after completing To the Dragon Isles! (Alliance).

Primal Pests Quest End

Primal Pests is completed by speaking to Scalecommander Azurathel at 76.72, 34.42.