Garden Party

Garden Party is a quest in The Waking Shores.

Garden Party
Zone The Waking Shores
Questgiver Akora
Quest Start Coordinates 61.75, 73.71 The Waking Shores
Quest Completion Akora
Quest Completion Coordinates 60.16, 66.42 The Waking Shores
Previous Quest A Ruby Lifecalling
Next Quest

Garden Party Quest Guide

Akora asks you to meet her by the Ruby Like Pools so she can explain how she will invoke the Great Dragon Spirit. Speak to her at 60.16, 66.42 to complete the quest.

Garden Party Quest Start

Garden Party is started by speaking to Akora at 61.75, 73.71 after completing A Ruby Lifecalling.

Garden Party Quest End

Garden Party is completed by speaking to Akora at 60.16, 66.42.