Shadowlands Beta Character Wipe Incoming September 30th

Blizzard announced in a blue post that there will be a character wipe on the Beta this week with a target date of Wednesday, September 30th. Quest changes in recent weeks have rendered characters unable to progress or just completely broken. You’ll need to create a new character copy when the servers come back up, or create a template character. They will also be adding vendors to support max level testing back to the Torghast realm.

Level 50 character templates will be available on the Maw and Oribos realms. If you’d like to jump straight back into endgame testing, you’ll want to create a template character on the Torghast realm, where level 60 character templates will be available.

Later this week when we take the Shadowlands Beta offline for its weekly update, all test characters will be removed from the Shadowlands Beta realms. Over recent weeks, many of the bug reports we’ve received are related to player-characters getting into a broken state due to changes in questlines or Covenant flow. These are not bugs that could occur in a live environment, and they often mask other issues that we still need to identify and fix. When the Shadowlands Beta resumes public availability, testers will want to copy or create new characters in order to resume testing.

Thereafter, on test realms you’ll find that Renown with all Covenants will be set back to its initial, Week 1 state. Please note that there will be two options for template test characters: On the Maw and Oribos realms, you’ll find character copy and Level 50 templates for testing the initial experience. On the Torghast realm, there will be Level 60 character templates and vendors that support PvP, dungeon, and raid testing. This will skip the Shadowlands level-up content and put the test character right before their Covenant choice.

As in previous weeks, we’re targeting late Wednesday morning (PDT) for the time when we’ll take the Beta realms offline and do maintenance, remove all characters, and update the build.

Thank you to all Beta testers for your continued testing and feedback!

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