Mal’Ganis NA US

Mal’Ganis is a medium population server in the North American region for retail World of Warcraft. If you’re a Horde player and are looking for something a little less hectic than some of the larger servers, this might be a nice change of pace.

Mal’Ganis Majority Faction

Mal’Ganis is a Horde majority server. Approximately 97% of the server population is Horde, and approximately 3% belongs to the Alliance.

Mal’Ganis Server Population

Mal’Ganis has a population of approximately 143,000+ actively played characters, making it a medium population realm.

Mal’Ganis Server Type

Mal’Ganis is classified as a Normal server. Before Blizzard changed the server classification system in Battle for Azeroth, Mal’Ganis was classified as a PvP server.

Mal’Ganis Server Time

Mal’Ganis Server Time is set to the Central Daylight Timezone (CDT, UTC -5).

Who are the top guilds on Mal’Ganis?

Despite being a medium population realm, Mal’Ganis has some stiff competition to be one of the top ten mythic progression guilds on the server. All of the top ten guilds are Horde side due to the very substantial Horde majority on the server.

  1. HC (H)
  2. Spike Flail (H)
  3. Union (H)
  4. Nerd Crew (H)
  5. Washed Up Scrubs (H)
  6. nVus (H)
  7. Semantics (H)
  8. Potent (H)
  10. Accession (H)

Is Mal’Ganis A Connected Realm?

Mal’Ganis is not a connected realm.

Region NA
Locale US
Type Normal
Historical Type PvP
Timezone CDT
Connected Realm? No
Connected Realms
Server Population Medium
Approximate Population 143k+
Majority Faction Horde
Faction Split 97% H / 3% A
Last updated: October 4, 2020


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