Stats from Shadowlands Alpha Testing Shared

During today’s Shadowlands Livestream, Blizzard shared some stats from Alpha testing. These numbers actually tell us a lot about the number of people that were invited to the Alpha, and indicates it was an insanely small pool of players.

817,508 quests were completed during the three month Alpha. Only 2,124 players completed the new Exile’s Reach starting zone. There were 62,727 runs of Torghast, Tower of the Damned, and 11,218 of those runs resulted in players being killed by the Terragrue. There were also 64,440 bug reports.

Given that data, I’d estimate that the number of players with Alpha access was between 5,000-10,000 players maximum, but likely towards the lower end. This is a remarkably small pool of players, and points to the relative exclusivity of getting an Alpha invite at all.

Beta launching next week will exponentially increase the amount of players on the test servers, giving likely thousands more at a time access to explore the Shadowlands. How may players they’ll allow in per wave of invites was not announced, but we’re hopeful it will provide those here at RaidBuff access to the Shadowlands as well.

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