Where Is the Auction House in Valdrakken?

An image of the Valdrakken Auction House

While exploring the Dragon Isles, you’ll likely find your bags full of things you want to sell at the Auction House. Valdrakken has an auction house, but where is it?

The Auction House in Valdrakken is located at 44.79, 58.69 between the Seat of the Aspects and The Artisan’s Market. It is open to players of all factions.

Valdrakken Auction House Features

The Valdrakken Auction House has a conveniently placed mailbox right outside for easy access to your purchases or profits. Despite auctioneers being just a few steps away, you’re sure to still see a brutosaur mount or two parked here.

The Valdrakken Auction House is also directly across from The Roasted Ram, the Inn in Valdrakken, and the Valdrakken Bank. Just down the stairs on the North side of the Auction House is The Artisan’s Market, where you’ll find crafting stations where you can turn raw materials into items to sell on the Auction House.

A few steps to the South, and you’ll find the flight master, which makes it super convenient to take a short flight to Valdrakken to sell some things and then fly back out to your next adventure.

Valdrakken Auction House Auctioneers

The Auctioneers at the Valdrakken Auction House are Auctioneer Expordira (a green dragon), Auctioneer Antiquidormi (a bronze dragon), and Auctioneer Imporigo (a blue dragon).

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