Blizzard Announces World of Warcraft Classic Fall Conquest

The Gates of Stormwind in Classic WoW

Blizzard has announced a new 15 vs 15 tournament bracket for World of Warcraft Classic. Teams of 15 players will be able to sign up to duke it out in the tournament in an open qualifier round. After the qualifiers, the top 6 teams in each region will battle it out for glory and $6,000 USD in prizes!

The tournament signups are open starting today, and will run until October 1st for EU and October 8th for NA. EU teams will participate in the qualifier on October 3rd and 4th. NA qualifiers will be October 10th and 11th. On October 17th, the top 6 EU teams will participate in the Finals. The top 6 NA teams will fight it out the next day on October 18th.

Best of luck to those entering!

WoW Classic esports returns this October with the Fall Conquest!

The WoW Classic Fall Conquest will take place over three weeks from October 3-18 within the 15v15 Arathi Basin. With $12,000 (USD) in total prizing, teams in North America and Europe will battle for their share of each region’s $6,000 (USD) prize pool!

The tournament will be split into two regions: North America and Europe. All games will take place on live servers for WoW Classic, using the War Game feature. Here’s how it all works:

  • Teams of 15 players will sign up for their region. Signups are open to eligible players with a level 60 character on live servers for WoW Classic—check eligibility and sign up for NA here and EU here!
  • The tournament will be split into two stages for each region: qualifiers and finals.
    • The qualifiers are open signups.
    • The finals will feature the top six teams within each region.
  • Teams will battle against each other on live servers using the War Game feature, allowing players to queue up battlegrounds against other teams in their region.
  • For the top six teams in North America and Europe, there will be a total of $6,000 (USD) in separate prizing for each region.
  • More information can be found in our rulesets, which can be found on our NA and EU sign-up pages.
Conquest Schedule.png

We’ll have more information—including casters, teams, and how to watch—in the coming weeks. Be sure to sign up now and join our Discord server to keep up with the competitors!

Stay connected and stay on top of the latest news by following us on YouTube and the WoW Esports Twitter. Good luck and have fun!

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