New Shadowlands Story Trailer!

shadowlands story trailer thumbnail

Along with the Shadowlands release date announcement today, Blizzard also released a new story trailer! Check out the video and read the full transcript below.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Story Trailer Transcript

SYLVANAS: Nothing is fair.
SYLVANAS: Not life,
not death.
But through the Jailer,
control of our fate
will at last be possible.
JAILER: Pitiful mortal.
There is nowhere to hide.
Death comes for you all!
WINTER QUEEN: Our duty is grim.
NATHANOS: Is this the best you can do?
WINTER QUEEN: Many have been lost.
DENATHRIUS: Remember this lesson.
JAILER: You know what must be done.
SYLVANAS: We’re going to tear it all down.
ANDUIN: Light is with me, even here.
JAILER: Nothing escapes the Maw
If you can’t wait for Shadowlands like us, check out our Shadowlands Countdown page so you know exactly how many seconds are left before you can play!

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