Oribos Now Includes Profession Trainer and Vendor Brokers

UPDATE: Now that Shadowlands is live, check out our Oribos overview for locations of the profession trainers and other important locations!

Blizzard put out a blue post today detailing new additions to Oribos’ Hall of Shapes. The Brokers who act as profession trainers and vendors are now live and will allow people to start training their professions.

There are some notable changes to how professions will work in the Shadowlands expansion, one of the largest being the new Legendary Crafting system. You’ll be able to craft your own Legendary Armor within the Runecarver’s Chamber in Torghast. Legendary armor requires you to have a base item, which Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, Tailors, and Jewelcrafters will be able to create. These will be BOE items that can be bought and sold on the Auction House. In order to be able to craft base items, you’ll need to find the recipes within Torghast. (Legendary crafting isn’t currently live, but we expect that it will likely be available for testing after the July 8th Shadowlands Livestream.)

Optional Reagents will allow players to customize the equipment they create. You’ll be able to increase the ilvl of the crafted item, specify two secondary stats, and add bonus effects.

Professions will also have different skill point maximums in Shadowlands. Gathering professions specifically will have a higher skill cap to account for how fast they are to level.

There will also be “greatly reduced prominence” for recipes ranks in Shadowlands. The rank system for recipes in Battle for Azeroth has been a sore point for many, as the sources for these are rather inconsistent for Kul Tiran and Zandalari crafting professions, with many even requiring PvP content. Not having to worry about grinding for rank 3 recipes will make many people happy.

A change that will make EVERYONE happy though is that the Scrapper system of grinding for expulsom to craft things is going the way of the Brutosaur. Shadowlands professions will not have a Scrapper system tied to them so you’ll be free from hours sitting crafting and scrapping bracers.

They also unveiled something interesting for Engineers: engineering items will be a lot more powerful in Shadowlands, but will carry a higher risk of backfiring. Engineers will be able to reduce the chance of backfire as they level up their Engineering skill.

Updated: June 24

The Shadowlands Alpha now includes Brokers in the Hall of Shapes in Oribos. Brokers are profession trainers and vendors that allow you to craft and test Professions changes coming in Shadowlands. Now, exploring the new zones, you’ll discover zone-specific herbs, ore, and fish, as well as new leathers from the denizens of the Shadowlands.

Professions Supporting Legendary Crafting

In the Shadowlands, you’ll be able to create your own Legendary Armor within the Runecarver’s Chamber, a place of exceptional power locked away in Torghast. Legendary crafting is not currently available for testing yet, but when it is, all players, regardless of their profession(s), will be able to create their own Legendary Armor.

Creating a piece of Legendary Armor requires a Base Item that will be imbued with Legendary powers.

Blacksmiths, Jewelcrafters, Leatherworkers and Tailors will be able to craft the Base Items which will eventually become your Legendary Armor.

  • A Base Item is a blank armor template that serves as a vessel for Legendary powers.
  • Base Items aren’t soulbound. They can be acquired from other players, your alts, or the Auction House.
  • The recipes for the Base Items, like the Chamber itself, are locked away in Torghast. However, once learned, they can be crafted from anywhere.

Optional Reagents

Optional Reagents are a new feature in Shadowlands, allowing players to customize the equipment they create. With Optional Reagents, you’ll increase the item level of the crafted item while also increasing the level required to equip the item. This will be especially useful while leveling up or gearing alts.

You’ll be able to specify which two of the four secondary stats you want the item to give bonuses to, allowing you to customize your character’s power. However, you cannot choose to make the item only have one Secondary Stat. Certain recipes will allow for bonus effects, such as increasing your flask or food buff durations. Optional Reagents will only apply to armor and weapon recipes at the start of Shadowlands.

Additional Updates

Not all Professions are the same, and we’re taking steps to address this by setting different skill bar maximums in Shadowlands. Gathering professions, being fast to level, will have skill bars that are larger than crafting professions, but should require the similar amount of effort to max out.

Star ranks for recipes have been greatly reduced in prominence in Shadowlands.

The Scrapper is a Battle for Azeroth-specific feature and will not be in Shadowlands.

We’re considering some degree of Profession interconnectivity, the concept that certain crafts from Professions are used in recipes for other Professions.

On experiencing the wondrous Shadowlands, Engineers will have a techno-magical breakthrough. Many Engineering devices are more powerful than their Azerothian counterparts, but so much power is difficult to control, and could result in a catastrophic backfire. However, Engineers will be able to reduce the likelihood of a backfire as they gain more skill.

Please use this thread to provide your feedback and discuss any changes related to Professions in Shadowlands. Thank you very much!

You can read the original blue post here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/feedback-professions-in-shadowlands/565280

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