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Ragnaros is a high population server in the North American region for retail World of Warcraft. Ragnaros is one of three servers that make up the Latin American Spanish-language servers.

Ragnaros Majority Faction

Ragnaros is a Horde majority server. Approximately 81% of the server population is Horde, and approximately 19% belong to the Alliance.

Ragnaros Server Population

Ragnaros has a population of approximately 47,000+ actively played characters, making it a high population realm in the North American region for retail World of Warcraft.

Ragnaros Server Type

Ragnaros is classified as a Normal server. Before Blizzard changed the server classification system in Battle for Azeroth, Ragnaros was classified as a PvP server.

Ragnaros Server Time

Ragnaros Server Time is set to the Central Standard Timezone (CST, UTC -6).

Who are the top guilds on Ragnaros?

As the highest population Latin American server, Ragnaros has a very competitive Mythic raiding scene. All of these guilds completed 12/12 for Mythic Ny’alotha.

  1. Unity (H)
  2. GordoTiburonSi (H)
  3. Without Elders (H)
  4. Epic Wipe (H)
  5. HTF (H)
  6. The Burning Seagull (H)
  7. Tilted AF (H)
  8. Awarëness (H)
  9. Zandalaris de la Cumbia (H)
  10. Ethereal (H)

Is Ragnaros A Connected Realm?

Ragnaros is not a connected realm.

Ragnaros Data
Region NA
Locale Latin America
Type Normal
Historical Type PvP
Timezone CST
Connected Realm? No
Connected Realms
Server Population High
Approximate Population 47k+
Majority Faction Horde
Faction Split 81% H / 19% A
Last updated: December 29, 2020


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