Where is the Leatherworking Trainer in Boralus?

Cassandra Brennor, the Kul Tiran Leatherworking Trainer in Battle for Azeroth

Leatherworking is always a great profession to have if you’re a Druid, Demon Hunter, Rogue, or Monk so you can craft yourself some armor. It can also be a super lucrative profession because so many classes wear Leather armor. When you first arrive in Kul Tiras, one of the first stops you’ll likely want to make is to pick up Battle for Azeroth Leatherworking. You might find yourself wondering though, where is the Battle for Azeroth Leatherworking Trainer in Boralus?

The Kul Tiran Leatherworking Trainer, Cassandra Brennor, is located at 75.47, 12.60 within Tradewinds Market in Boralus. She will be under a green awning next to some skins and leatherworking supplies.

Kul Tiran Leatherworking Recipes

Cassandra Brennor will train you in the following Kul Tiran Leatherworking crafts.

RecipeSkill LevelPrice
Kul Tiran Leatherworking142g50s
Coarse Leather Cestus121g25s
Coarse Leather Greaves121g25s
Coarse Leather Treads121g25s
Coarse Leather Waistguard121g25s
Shimmerscale Greaves121g25s
Shimmerscale Striker121g25s
Shimmerscale Treads121g25s
Shimmerscale Waistguard121g25s
Coarse Leather Helm2523g 80s
Coarse Leather Pauldrons2523g 80s
Coarse Leather Vest2523g 80s
Shimmerscale Helm2523g 80s
Shimmerscale Pauldrons2523g 80s
Shimmerscale Vest2523g 80s
Coarse Leather Barding (Rank 1)5025g50s
Hardened Tempest Hide5025g50s
Shimmerscale Diving Helmet5025g50s
Shimmerscale Diving Suit5025g50s
Amber Rallying Horn7527g62s50c
Drum of the Maelstorm7527g62s50c
Tempest Hide Pouch7527g62s50c
Coarse Leather Barding (Rank 2)8529g75s
Hardened Tempest Knuckles (Rank 1)8529g75s
Honorable Combatant’s Bow8529g75s
Honorable Combatant’s Leather Armguards8529g75s
Honorable Combatant’s Leather Gauntlets8529g75s
Honorable Combatant’s Leather Greaves8529g75s
Honorable Combatant’s Leather Treads8529g75s
Honorable Combatant’s Leather Waistguard8529g75s
Honorable Combatant’s Leather Mail Armguards8529g75s
Honorable Combatant’s Leather Mail Gauntlets8529g75s
Honorable Combatant’s Leather Mail Greaves8529g75s
Honorable Combatant’s Leather Mail Treads8529g75s
Honorable Combatant’s Leather Mail Waistguard8529g75s
Mistscale Knuckles (Rank 1)8529g75s
Recurve Bow of the Strands (Rank 1)8529g75s
Scarlet Herring Lure8529g75s
Hardened Tempest Boots11534g
Hardened Tempest Leggings11534g
Mistscale Boots11534g
Mistscale Leggings11534g
Sinister Combatant’s Bow11534g
Sinister Combatant’s Leather Armguards11534g
Sinister Combatant’s Leather Gauntlets11534g
Sinister Combatant’s Leather Leggings11534g
Sinister Combatant’s Leather Treads11534g
Sinister Combatant’s Leather Waistguard11534g
Sinister Combatant’s Mail Armguards11534g
Sinister Combatant’s Mail Gauntlets11534g
Sinister Combatant’s Mail Leggings11534g
Sinister Combatant’s Mail Treads11534g
Sinister Combatant’s Mail Waistguard11534g
Enhanced Mistscale Boots12038g25g
Enhanced Mistscale Greaves12038g25g
Enhanced Tempest Boots12038g25g
Enhanced Tempest Leggings12038g25g
Hardened Tempest Knuckles (Rank 2)10042g50s
Mistscale Knuckles (Rank 2)10042g50s
Recurve Bow of the Strands (Rank 2)10042g50s
Uncanny Combatant’s Bow17085g
Uncanny Combatant’s Leather Armguards17085g
Uncanny Combatant’s Leather Gauntlets17085g
Uncanny Combatant’s Leather Leggings17085g
Uncanny Combatant’s Leather Treads17085g
Uncanny Combatant’s Leather Waistguard17085g
Uncanny Combatant’s Mail Armguards17085g
Uncanny Combatant’s Mail Gauntlets17085g
Uncanny Combatant’s Mail Leggings17085g
Uncanny Combatant’s Mail Treads17085g
Uncanny Combatant’s Mail Waistguard17085g

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