Where Is the Jewelcrafting Trainer In Boralus?

An image taken in the jewelcrafting trainer's table in Boralus with the words "Where Is the Jewelcrafting Trainer In Boralus?" overlayed

Jewelcrafting can be a lucrative profession because every player needs gems for their gear. At peak raid times, cut gems will fly off of the auction house, putting gold in your pockets. Because of this, if your character is a Jewelcrafter, you’ll want to make sure you have all of the Jewelcrafting recipes. Once you get to Boralus, your first thought might be, “Where is the Jewelcrafting trainer?”

You will find Samuel D. Colton III, the Kul Tiran Jewelcrafting Trainer, in the Tradewinds Market at the coordinates 75.19, 9.88 in Boralus. Samuel will teach you Battle for Azeroth Jewelcrafting recipes.

An image of Samuel D. Colton III, the Kul Tiran Jewelcrafting Trainer in Boralus

Kul Tiran Jewelcrafting Recipes

The dapper gentleman Samuel D. Colton III will teach you Kul Tiran Jewelcrafting and recipes to cut gems, prospect ore, and create gear.

Jewelcrafting RecipeSkillPrice
Kul Tiran Jewelcrafting150g
Deadly Solstone125g
Golden Beryl Ring125g
Kubiline Ring125g
Kyanite Ring125g
Masterful Kubiline125g
Quick Golden Beryl125g
Solstone Ring125g
Versatile Kyanite125g
Rubellite Staff of Intuition2528g
Viridium Staff of Alacrity2528g
Amberblaze Loop (Rank 1)5030g
Owlseye Loop (Rank 1)5030g
Royal Quartz Loop (Rank 1)5030g
Tidal Amethyst Loop (Rank 1)5030g
Deadly Amberblaze7535g
Kaleidoscopic Lens7535g
Monelite Ore (Mass Prospecting)7535g
Platinum Ore (Mass Prospecting)7535g
Storm Silver Ore (Mass Prospecting)7535g
Masterful Tidal Amethyst7535g
Quick Owlseye7535g
Versatile Royal Quartz7535g
Amberblaze Loop (Rank 2)8540g
Owlseye Loop (Rank 2)8540g
Royal Quartz Loop (Rank 2)8540g
Tidal Amethyst Loop (Rank 2)8540g
Honorable Combatant’s Intuitive Staff10542g50s
Laribole Staff of Alacrity10542g50s
Scarlet Diamond Staff of Intuition10542g50s
Sinister Combatant’s Intuitive Staff11545g
Kraken’s Eye of Agility12550g
Kraken’s Eye of Intellect12550g
Kraken’s Eye of Strength12550g
Laribole Staff of Alacrity (Rank 2)12555g
Scarlet Diamond Staff of Intuition (Rank 2)12555g
Kraken’s Eye Loop13065g
Tidal Kraken’s Eye Loop13570g
Uncanny Combatant’s Intuitive Staff170100g

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