Where Is the Auction House in Boralus?

Boralus is the central Alliance player hub in Battle for Azeroth and the capital city for the nation of Kul Tiras. Boralus is a sprawling city, so there must be an auction house somewhere around, right?

There isn’t an auction house in Boralus unless your character has the engineering profession. If you want to use the auction house and your character isn’t an Engineer, you’ll need to head back to Stormwind or hope that someone has a Mighty Caravan Brutosaur mount up by the inn.

Engineering Auction House in Boralus

The engineering auction house in Boralus, Brassbolt Mechawrench, is located at the coordinates 77.25, 13.97 in Tradewinds Market. In order to use this auction house, your character must have the engineering profession. To access the auction house as an engineer, you simply have to speak to the Brassbolt Mechawrench.

Characters without the engineering profession can’t actually see the Brassbolt Mechawrench even if they go to the coordinates above. The Brassbolt Mechawrench will be invisible as it’s only visible to those with the engineering skill.

Mighty Caravan Brutosaur Mount in Boralus

If you aren’t an engineer, then you’ll have to hope that there is someone in Boralus with a Mighty Caravan Brutosaur — the mount with an auctioneer for auction house access on the back of it — mounted up by the inn in Boralus. If a player has the auction house up, you’ll be able to use the auctioneer on the back to access the auction house.

Non-functional “Auction House” in Boralus – Lemptheby’s Auction House

There is another “auction house” in Boralus, however, it’s only there for flavor and not actually usable by players. You’ll find Lemptheby’s Auction House at the coordinates 51.25, 50.11 in Hook Point. There you can see the NPC auctioneer Lincoln J. Lemptheby auctioning items off to other NPC’s sitting in front of the stage. This auction house is non-functional and exists solely to make the city of Boralus seem more alive.

Could the plan have originally been for this to be a functional auction house? Who knows! It sure would have been a nice thing to have in Boralus.

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