Weekly Timewalking Holidays Starting June 23rd!

Blizzard announced in a blue post Wednesday that there will be five consecutive weeks of Timewalking Dungeons available starting June 23rd. The event will cycle through Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, and Warlords of Draenor dungeons in the order that they were released.

June 23rd – 30thBurning Crusade
June 30 – July 7thWrath of the Lich King
July 7th – 14thCataclysm
July 14th – 21stMists of Pandaria
July 21st – 28thWarlords of Draenor

Bonus Reputation

The most notable part of the announcement is the news that players will also gain 50% bonus reputation from quests and creature kills for the expansion that Timewalking is active for that week. This is a brand new addition to Timewalking events and will apply for all future events as well.

This is great news for those looking to increase their reputation from previous expansions to unlock rewards, and particularly useful if you’re looking to grind through Draenor content to complete the Pathfinder achievement.

Winds of Wisdom Buff

The 100% bonus experience Winds of Wisdom buff will still be active until Shadowlands, making this new, back to back Timewalking extravaganza a great time to level alts in the 110-120 bracket! This bracket is the most time consuming portion to level through currently unless you’re buying Freehold boosts, so an alternative to the usual tedium and a change of scenery is a welcome relief at the end of your leveling slog.

Gear Up Alts FAST

Timewalking Dungeons are also a great way to gear up a freshly dinged 120 toon. the gear that drops from these dungeons is Timewarped to ilvl 425, making this a better source of gear than both Normal and Heroic Battle for Azeroth dungeons. You can also jump right in to Timewalking Dungeons no matter your ilvl, so you don’t have to grind Normal BFA dungeons first like you would have to enter Heroic dungeons.

The one caveat to this however is that Azerite head, chest, and shoulder items will not drop from Timewalking Dungeons. You will have to find other sources for these. Your best bet for getting gear in these slots will likely be Black Empire invasions and Horrific Visions.

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