Is There Going to Be Flying in Shadowlands?

After flying around in other zones, the lack of flying in Shadowlands can be a bit jarring for those used to soaring through the skies over Azeroth. Walking around like a common peasant seems like a chore that might leave you wondering, “Is there going to be flying in Shadowlands at some point?”

Yes, there will be flying in Shadowlands. Flying will come in a later patch in the expansion, along with a Shadowlands Pathfinder Part 2 Achievement, in Shadowlands Patch 9.1.

Why is There Currently No Flying in Shadowlands?

Usually flying is added in a later patch in the expansion. Could Blizzard add it in at the start if they wanted to? Sure they could.

Then why don’t they add flying from the start? This is because the content feels fresher longer if the world feels bigger. Letting players fly over a zone from the start would make it feel small.

Think back to when you were leveling your first character in WoW. Starting zones like Elwynn Forest felt huge. Once you unlock flying and you’re able to fly right over the zone in 30 seconds, it suddenly feels small. Having us run around at the beginning instead of flying lets the zones feel more expansive and ensures we experience the zone for the first time the way the devs intended.

When Will Flying Be Added in Shadowlands?

Shadowlands Flying will be added in patch 9.1, along with the addition of a Shadowlands Pathfinder: Part 2 achievement to unlock it. We already have access to Shadowlands Pathfinder: Part 1 so it’s a good idea to make sure you complete that now so you’re ready to dive into completing Part 2 when it releases.

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