Complete Guide to Pandaria Herbalism


Pandaria Herbalism is a great gathering profession to have if you spend a lot of time in Pandaria, and really quick to level if you take the right route. This Pandaria Herbalism Guide will cover the basics of the Pandaria Herbalism profession, show you the Pandaria Herbalism trainer locations, and provide the fastest Pandaria Herbalism leveling guide so you can get from skill level 1-75 in only 18 minutes!

Where Is The Pandaria Herbalism Trainer?

When players get to Pandaria, it can be difficult to find the Pandaria Herbalism trainer. There are actually three Pandaria Herbalism Trainers — one in Paw’don Village for the Alliance, one in Honeydew Village for the Horde, and one at The Halfhill Farm that will teach Pandaria Herbalism to both factions.

Alliance Pandaria Herbalism Trainer Location

Orchard Keeper Li Mei, the Alliance Pandaria Herbalism Trainer

The Alliance Pandaria Herbalism trainer, Orchard Keeper Li Mei, is located in Paw’don Village in The Jade Forest, at the coordinates 45.51, 86.05. Orchard Keeper Li Mei will only teach Alliance players Pandaria Herbalism.

Horde Pandaria Herbalism Trainer Location

Grower Miao, the Horde Pandaria Herbalism Trainer

The Horde Pandaria Herbalism trainer, Grower Miao, is located in Honeydew Village in The Jade Forest, at the coordinates 27.79, 15.52. Grower Miao will only teach Horde players Pandaria Herbalism.

Neutral Pandaria Herbalism Trainer Location

Han Flowerbloom, the Neutral Pandaria Herbalism Trainer

The Neutral Pandaria Herbalism trainer, Han Flowerbloom, is located at The Halfhill Farm in the Valley of the Four Winds, at the coordinates 53.71, 51.71. Han Flowerbloom will teach both Alliance and Horde characters Pandaria Herbalism.

Pandaria Herbalism Skills

The Pandaria Herbalism Trainers will teach you both the base Classic Herbalism skill and the Pandaria Herbalism skill. There are no skills for Pandaria Herbalism that allow you to “craft” like there are for mining to turn raw ore into smelted bars.

SkillSkill LevelPrice
Pandaria Herbalism140g

Pandaria Herbs

There are seven different herbs you can gather in Pandaria with the Herbalism skill.

  • Green Tea Leaf
  • Rain Poppy
  • Silkweed
  • Snow Lily
  • Fool’s Cap
  • Desecrated Herb
  • Golden Lotus

You’ll find herbs throughout Pandaria. When you gather them by clicking (if you have the Herbalism profession) you’ll get 1-4 herbs and a chance to get some Life Spirit or Water Spirit.

Green Tea Leaf

Green Tea Leaf

Green Tea Leaf is the most common Pandaria herb, and the only herb other than Golden Lotus that is found in every Pandaria zone.



Silkweed can be found in the Valley of the Four Winds, Krasarang Wilds, and the Timeless Isle. Silkweed grows in the wet soil along the water.

Rain Poppy

Rain Poppy

Rain Poppy can be found in The Jade Forest, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and the Timeless Isle. Rain Poppy grows along rivers and lakes in these zones, and are easy to spot because of their bright red color.

Snow Lily

Snow Lily

Snow Lily is only found on the peaks of Kun-Lai Summit and in one small part of the Townlong Steppes at the northern tip of the Serpent’s Spine. The small, light blue lilies can be a little tricky to spot in the snow, but there are plenty of them for those willing to brave the trek up the mountains.

Fool’s Cap

Fool's Cap

Fool’s Cap can be found in the Dread Wastes, Townlong Steppes, and The Jade Forest. These small red mushrooms are usually easy to spot and have a decent market value compared to the rest of the Pandaria herbs.

Desecrated Herb

Sha-Touched Herb, which drops Desecrated Herb

Desecrated Herb can only be gathered from Sha-Touched Herb spawns, which are found in the Dread Wastes, Valley of the Four Winds, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Kun-Lai Summit, and Townlong Steppes. When you gather a Sha-Touched Herb, it has a chance to give you Desecrated Herb, Green Tea Leaf, Snow Lily, Fool’s Cap, or Golden Lotus.

Golden Lotus

Golden Lotus

Golden Lotus is a rare herb spawn and the most valuable Pandaren herb. Golden Lotus can appear at the spawn location of any other herb spawn and will give you Golden Lotus when you loot it along with a special buff called Luck of the Lotus for 15 mins.

Luck of the Lotus will allow you to have a chance of getting Plundered Treasure when looting mobs, which can contain Black Trillium Ore, White Trillium Ore, Ghost Iron Ore, Windwool Cloth, Exotic Leather, and Motes of Harmony.

You also have a small chance to loot Golden Lotus when gathering any other Pandaria herb. Looting Golden Lotus when gathering another herb will not give you the Luck of the Lotus buff, however.

Life Spirit and Water Spirit

There is a chance for Life Spirit and/or Water Spirit to drop when you gather Pandaria herbs. If you’re max level, these are relatively useless and you’ll want to just vendor them. If you’re still leveling though, these might be good to hang on to.

Mist-Piercing Goggles

Mist-Piercing Goggles are another really useful item to get if you’re planning on doing Pandaria herbalism. This item allows you to see additional mining nodes and herbs while in Pandaria. They don’t need to be equipped in order to provide the benefit.

The Mist-Piercing Goggles are crafted by engineers and can be purchased on the auction house, so be sure to pick up a pair if you’re planning on doing some herb farming.

Sky Golem Mount

The Sky Golem Mount

Something that is definitely worth the investment if you’re doing a lot of herb farming is the Sky Golem mount. This flying mount allows you to gather herbs while mounted. This saves a lot of time, as you normally would have to wait 1.5 seconds while you summon your mount after each herb you gather. When you’re doing a lot of herb farming, that 1.5 second cast time adds up fast. Another bonus of remaining mounted while gathering is that you don’t have to kill enemies that aggro you in order to re-mount, which lets you run or fly away quickly after gathering.

This mount is crafted by engineers with Pandaria Engineering and can be bought on the Auction House. Because of the fact that it takes 30 days to craft one Sky Golem, they can be pricey, but they’re worth the investment!

Pandaria Herbalism Leveling Guide – The Fastest Way To Level Pandaria Herbalism 1-75

The fastest way to level Pandaria Herbalism is by gathering herbs in the Valley of the Four Winds and the Dread Wastes. You can level Pandaria Herbalism 1-75 in about 18 minutes with this route if you’re on a druid or using the Sky Golem mount and around 20 minutes if you aren’t.

The Valley of the Four Winds Pandaria Herbalism Leveling Route

To start the route, you’ll want to start at the eastern edge of the Valley of the Four Winds and work your way west along the river, following the white line on the map above. Along the river, gather the Green Tea Leaves and Silkweed that you see.

Once you reach the end of the river, head northwest towards Stoneplow and the area of Sha desecration and the hole broken open in the Serpent’s Spine. Gather any Sha-Touched Herb spawns you see in that area and cross through the hole in the Serpent’s Spine into the Dread Wastes.

The Dread Wastes Pandaria Herbalism Leveling Route

After you cross into the Dread Wastes, you’ll want to follow the route marked in white on the map above through the area of Sha desecration, gathering the Sha-Touched Herbs you find. You’ll do a little zig-zag back east and then west again before turning east and traveling back towards the Serpent’s Spine to complete the first part of the Dread Wastes portion of the leveling route.

Once you complete that portion of the route, you’ll follow the red line on the map south along the side of the Serpent’s Spine collecting Fool’s Cap.

When you hit the area of Sha desecration again, follow it for just a bit and collect any Sha-Touched Herbs you see, then head towards the Lake of Stars. You’ll do a loop around the lake gathering Fool’s Cap, then fly around the northern side of Kypari Zar, where there is another area of Fool’s Cap.

After collecting the Fool’s Cap at Kypari Zar, you’ll want to zig-zag over The Briny Muck as shown on the map, gathering all of the Fool’s Cap you see.

After completing this portion of the route, you should be Pandaria Herbalism Skill 75. If you aren’t, go ahead and loop through the area of Sha desecration again to collect Sha-Touched Herbs and get the last couple skill points you need.

Along with leveling your Pandaria Herbalism skill, you’ll also end up with a decent little stockpile of herbs. Once I completed the route and was level Pandaria Herbalism Skill 75, I had acquired 49 Green Tea Leaf, 30 Silkweed, 96 Desecrated Herb, 122 Fool’s Cap, and 2 Golden Lotus.

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