Where is the Bank in Dazar’alor?

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If you’re a new Horde player just jumping into Battle for Azeroth content (or maybe an Alliance player looking to get a taste of life on the other side), you will find yourself in the Horde hub of Zandalar, Dazar’alor. I guarantee you at some point in your adventures, you’re going to need to go to the bank to stash your items.

The bank in Dazar’alor, The Royal Treasury, is located at 43.56, 70.53 in The Great Seal. The Royal Treasury offers access to your Personal Bank and Guild Bank.

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Dazar’alor Bank Services

The bank offers two main services to adventurers in Dazar’alor: Personal Bank access and Guild Bank access.

Personal Bank

An image of the four bankers in Dazar'alor, who will provide access to your personal bank

There are four bankers located behind the counters in The Royal Treasury. Clicking on them will give you access to your Personal Bank.

Personal Bank access in Dazar’alor works the same as it does everywhere else on Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor. You’ll be able to deposit and withdraw the items you have stored inside from any Personal Bank in the game. You can purchase more bag slots and add bags to extend your bank’s storage capacity.

You can also purchase access to a Reagents Bank for 100 gold that gives you a spot to store your crafting materials. Players are able to craft using materials stored in their Reagents Bank no matter where they are in Azeroth and beyond, so its a good idea to keep some extra materials for your professions in there in case you need to craft something but don’t want to have your bags full.

Guild Bank

An image of one of the two guild bank vaults in Dazar'alor

The Royal Treasury also offers access to your Guild Bank. Here you’ll be able to access your guild’s communal storage if you are a guild member and have the appropriate rank to do so. It isn’t uncommon to run into your guildmates while grabbing stuff from here, especially during peak times in the evening or before your guild’s raid night!

There are two guild bank vaults available in Royal Treasury. The first, pictured above, is in the main portion of the bank. The second, shown below, is in the room next door where the Weekly Mythic Plus Cache and the Archaeology Trainer are.

An image of one of two guild bank vaults in Dazar'alor

Does the Bank In Dazar’alor Have Void Storage?

The bank in Dazar’alor does not offer access to your Void Storage, so your best bet is a trip to Legion Dalaran or Stormwind if you want to store some of your more sentimental possessions for the long term with your Ethereal friends.

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