Night Fae Soulshape Changes

Blizzard announced that in the next beta build for Shadowlands, they will be implementing changes to the Night Fae Covenant’s Signature Ability, Soulshape. These changes come after weeks of feedback that the Night Fae Covenant Ability feels rather powerless and lackluster compared to other Covenant Abilities.

The changes will increase the distance of Flicker’s teleport and immediately activate Flicker when you cast Soulshape, instantly teleporting you 15 feet. They are also including a movement speed buff of 50%, up from the previous 30%.

There is concern about how Soulshape will work with Druid shapeshift forms, however, as Blizzard’s explanation makes it sound like Druids will not be able to use their shapeshift form abilities while using Soulshape, as other classes are able to use their full set of abilities while in Soulshape form. It would be unfortunate if what will likely be one of the most popular Covenant choices for Druids doesn’t work as well for that class as it does for others. We will see if Blizzard clarifies this in another blue post.

Greetings, friends of the Queen.

In the next Beta build, we’ve made some changes to the Night Fae’s Signature Ability, Soulshape. These changes are aimed at addressing the feedback we’ve heard from you, and echoed in our own playtesting, that Soulshape simply doesn’t feel powerful enough.

  • Flicker – Soulshape’s teleport effect – now teleports you 15 yards forward (up from 10 yards).
  • Activating Soulshape will now immediately cast Flicker, teleporting you and putting Flicker on cooldown.
  • Soulshape now increases movement speed by 50% (up from 30%).

We’ve also fixed a number of issues with how Soulshape interacts with Druid shapeshift forms. For Druids, Soulshape will now behave like a real shapeshift form. If a Druid is in Cat Form and activates Soulshape, their action bar will change to the default bar instead of remaining on the Cat Form bar. Additionally, Soulshape will remember what form the Druid was in when activated, and return them to that form when Soulshape ends (unless the Druid manually activates a different Shapeshift). In this example, when Soulshape expires or is canceled, the Druid would automatically go back to Cat Form.

Thank you for your feedback thus far. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this update to Soulshape.

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