Aspectral Invitation (Horde)

Aspectral Invitation
Faction Alliance
Zone Orgrimmar
Questgiver Ebyssian
Quest Start Coordinates 44.10, 38.01 Orgrimmar
Quest Completion Ebyssian
Quest Completion Coordinates 44.10, 38.01 Orgrimmar
Previous Quest The Dragon Isles Await (Horde)
Next Quests
Currency Reward 2g 57s 40c

Aspectral Invitation Quest Guide

To complete the Aspectral Invitation quest, players simply need to speak to Ebyssian and watch the cutscene. You can then turn the quest in to Ebyssian.

Aspectral Invitation Quest Start

Aspectral Invitation is started by speaking to Ebyssian at 44.10, 38.01 after completing The Dragon Isles Await (Horde).

Aspectral Invitation Quest End

Aspectral Invitation is completed by speaking to Ebyssian at 44.10, 38.01.

Aspectral Invitation Description

Your arrival is well timed, <player>.

I have just met with the Horde Council, and they have accepted the Aspects' invitation to the Dragon Isles.

The same invitation extends to you, as well.

You may also notice some unfamiliar faces here in Orgrimmar. The dracthyr are new arrivals you will learn about on the journey ahead.

Let us speak more.

Aspectral Invitation Objectives

  • Speak with Ebyssian

Aspectral Invitation Completion

I am honored that you will journey to the homeland of dragonkind.

One of your allies is eager to assist you in preparing for what lies ahead.