The Dark Talons

The Dark Talons
Faction Alliance
Zones Orgrimmar, Durotar
Questgiver Scalecommander Cindrethresh
Quest Start Coordinates 44.04, 38.26 Orgrimmar
Quest Completion Naleidea Rivergleam
Quest Completion Coordinates 55.81, 12.65 Durotar
Previous Quest Aspectral Invitation (Horde)
Next Quest
Currency Reward 25g 74s 0c

The Dark Talons Quest Guide

Scalecommander Cindrethresh asks that you deliver her orders to her troops in Stormwind. To do this, speak to Kodethi at 55.08, 89.62 on top of the Gates of Orgrimmar. You can then turn the quest in with Naleidea Rivergleam at 55.81, 12.65 at The Dranosh'ar Blockade.

The Dark Talons Quest Start

The Dark Talons is started by speaking to Scalecommander Cindrethresh at 44.04, 38.26 after completing Aspectral Invitation (Horde).

The Dark Talons Quest End

The Dark Talons is completed by speaking to Naleidea Rivergleam at 55.81, 12.65.

The Dark Talons Description

Naleidea is enthusiastic, but she's a historian, not a soldier. She knows nothing of the dangers we'll face in the Dragon Isles.

Not that anyone needs to worry. After all, the Dark Talons will be protecting the expedition.

I'm going to discuss mission logistics with Ebyssian and your Horde leaders.

My lieutenant, Kodethi, is exploring the city along with the other dracthyr. Be a good soldier and let him know we are going to rally at the zeppelin tower. He'll relay my orders to the others.

The Dark Talons Objectives

  • Orders delivered to Kodethi

The Dark Talons Completion

I am pleased to have the dracthyr accompanying us on the expedition.

Their unique perspective should prove valuable, and learning more of their own history will help them come to terms with their current circumstances.

As I've said before, history heals every wound.