Expeditionary Coordination (Horde)

Expeditionary Coordination
Faction Alliance
Zones Orgrimmar, Durotar
Questgiver Naleidea Rivergleam
Quest Start Coordinates 44.20, 37.82 Orgrimmar
Quest Completion Naleidea Rivergleam
Quest Completion Coordinates 55.81, 12.65 Durotar
Previous Quest Aspectral Invitation (Horde)
Next Quest
Currency Reward 25g 74s 0c

Expeditionary Coordination Quest Guide

Naleidea Rivergleam asks that you go and recruit expedition members. There are three groups to recruit, the Scholars, the Artisans, and the Explorers.

  • The Scholars can be recruited by speaking to Cataloger Coralie at 71.41, 50.64 on the upper floor of The Wyvern's Tail.
  • The Artisans can be recruited by speaking to Boss Magor at 57.16, 54.14 in The Drag.
  • The Explorers can be recruited by speaking to Pathfinder Tacha at 38.61, 56.97 in the Valley of Spirits.

Once you’ve recruited all three groups, you can turn the quest in with Naleidea Rivergleam at 55.81, 12.65 on the docks at The Dranosh'ar Blockade.

Expeditionary Coordination Quest Start

Expeditionary Coordination is started by speaking to Naleidea Rivergleam at 44.20, 37.82 after completing Aspectral Invitation (Horde).

Expeditionary Coordination End

Expeditionary Coordination is completed by speaking to Naleidea Rivergleam at 55.81, 12.65.

Expeditionary Coordination Description

Please to meet you, I am Naleidea Rivergleam.

The invitation to visit the Dragon Isles is quite an exciting prospect. Don't you agree?

The Reliquary has combined forces with our expeditionary counterparts to help coordinate our efforts. As a member of the Dragonscale Expedition, it is my honor to welcome you.

Though first we must gather a few more members for our journey. Shall we begin?

Expeditionary Coordination Objectives

  • Artisans recruited
  • Explorers recruited
  • Scholars recruited

Expeditionary Coordination Completion

I believe this expedition shall be a great success.