Blizzard Silently Nerfs Drustvar Quillrat Skinning Farm

In a silent hotfix today, Blizzard nerfed the insanely popular Quillrat Skinning Farm in Drustvar. The spot was camped almost 24/7 by players with the Skinning profession looking to make gold on the Coarse Leather and Blood-Stained Bone from the Quillrats. This will likely affect the market price of Coarse Leather significantly across servers as this farm was the main supply for that material.

Many players are upset about the hotfix, as they used the farm to do a vendor-shuffle, a way of farming raw gold. They would turn the Coarse Leather and Blood-Stained Bone into a Coarse Leather Cestus with the Leatherworking profession and then sell the items to a vendor. It was a pretty lucrative activity compared to many farms at this point in the expansion, when material values are at all time lows, and a very reliable way of working towards getting the coveted Brutosaur mount before it is removed in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch.

Because other Coarse Leather farming spots will now be significantly more competitive, the Atal’Dazar farm now seems to be the best option for those looking to earn their gold from skinning.

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