The Ascended – Faction Overview, Rewards, and Reputation Guide

The Ascended are a neutral faction in Shadowlands that players can earn reputation with to unlock the ability to purchase rewards. The Ascended reside in the golden fields of Bastion, and lore-wise, are composed of the Kyrian who have earned their wings and ascended. The Ascended have the strongest ties with the Kyrian Covenant, however, unlike other factions, they do not have any exclusive items for members of their associated covenant.

Where are the Ascended Quartermasters?

There are two quartermasters who sell reputation rewards for the Ascended. The first is Adjutant Mikaros in The Enclave in Oribos, located at the coordinates 47.53, 77.16. The second is Adjutant Nikos at in Hero’s Rest, located at the coordinates 52.26, 47.09 by the forge in the center. Both of the quartermasters sell the same reputation rewards, so pick whichever quartermaster is more convenient for you to visit.

The Ascended Reputation Rewards

Adjutant Mikaros and Adjutant Nikos sell a number of different rewards depending upon your reputation level with the Ascended.

Technique: Codex of the Still Mind7s 60gFriendly
Smoothed Loop of Contemplation181g 69sHonored
Plans: Shadowsteel Helm19g 95sHonored
Technique: Contract: The Ascended1,676g 75sRevered
Manacles of Burden155g 67sRevered
Wristclamps of Remorse156g 22sRevered
Bracers of Regret156g 78sRevered
Wristclamps of Shame157g 32sRevered
Goldenpaw Kit250 Polished Pet CharmsRevered
Aspirant’s Stretcher1,676g 75sRevered
Schematic: PHA7-YNX38sExalted
Tabard of the Ascended9g 50sExalted
Illusion: Devoted Spirit1,187g 50sExalted
Gilded Prowler28,500gExalted
Casque of the Path231g 2s 13cExalted
Masque of the Path229g 70s 28cExalted
Cowl of the Path232g 69sExalted
Gorget of the Path233g 50sExalted
Memory of the Arbiter’s Judgement1,045gExalted

Kyrian-Only Ascended Rewards

Unlike some of the other neutral factions, the Asceneded don’t offer any exclusive rewards for the covenant they’re most closely tied to, the Kyrians.

The Ascended Reputation Mounts

There is one mout available through reputation for the Ascended. You are able to purchase the Gilded Prowler at exalted reputation from the Ascended quartermaster for 28,500g.

Gilded Prowler

The Gilded Prowler mount is purchasable from the Ascended reputation quartermasters, Adjutant Mikaros and Adjutant Nikos, for 28,500g at Exalted reputation. (Note: 28,500g is the base price of the Gilded Prowler. At exalted reputation, you’ll be able to purchase items from the vendor at a discount, so it will cost substantially less to actually purchase it.)

The Ascended Reputation Pets

There are two pets available through reputation for the Ascended: Goldenpaw Kit and Larion Cub. One is purchasable at Revered reputation, and the other is only available as a random drop from the Ascended’s Paragon Caches, Ascended Supplies.

Goldenpaw Kit

Goldenpaw Kit requires Revered reputation with the Ascended to purchase. You’ll need 250 Polished Pet Charms, which you can get from Shadowlands or Battle for Azeroth pet battle world quests.

Larion Cub

Larion Cub is a bit more difficult to acquire. Larion Cub is a random drop from Ascended paragon caches, Ascended Supplies. You can get these caches for every 10,000 reputation you earn with the Ascended after you reach Exalted status.

The Ascended Tabard – Tabard of the Ascended

Ascended Tabard - Tabard of the Ascended

The Ascended Tabard is Tabard of the Ascended. It is available from the Ascended quartermasters Adjutant Mikaros or Adjutant Nikoss at Exalted reputation for 250g.

The Ascended Legendary Runecarver Memory – Memory of the Arbiter’s Judgement

The Ascended quartermasters also have a legendary Runecarver Memory available for purchase: Memory of the Arbiter’s Judgement. Once you are at Exalted status with the Ascended, you’ll be able to purchase this memory for 1,100g from the quartermaster. Memory of the Arbiter’s Judgement will grant you the Judgement of the Arbiter legendary power to runecarve onto Wrist, Hands, or Ring slot legendary base items.

Judgement of the Arbiter: Dealing damage has a highe chance to release a blast of spiritual energy for 0 shadow damage. If another ally who bears the Judgement of the Arbiter is within 5-20 yards of you, the plast will also arc to them, dealing 0 Shadow damage to enemies in the arc.

Ascended Paragon Caches – Ascended Supplies

Once you reach Exalted reputation with the Ascended, all Ascended reputation gains will begin going towards earning Ascended Paragon Caches. For every 10,000 reputation you earn, you’ll be rewarded with Ascended Supplies. Opening this item will reward you with gold and anima, and has a chance to drop the Larion Cub pet.

How to Earn Ascended Reputation

Bastion World Quests

The primary way to earn Ascended reputation is by doing World Quests in Bastion. World Quests in Bastion will award between 75 and 150 reputation with the Ascended.

Daily Callings and Challenges

Every day, you’ll be given a new calling or challenge to complete. Callings and challenges involve preforming tasks in a specific zone, and grant reputation with the associated zone once completed. Callings reward 1,500 reputation and usually involve completing world quests and opening chests. Challenges reward 2,000 reputation and require you to defeat rare or elite enemies.

Weekly Dungeon Quests

Every week, you’ll be able to complete two weekly dungeon quests you can pick up from Finder Ta’sul or Ta’lan the Antiquary down in the Broker’s Den in Oribos. To complete the quest, you’ll need to complete the dungeon specified in the quest at either normal difficulty and up or heroic difficulty and up and return with the quest item that drops. (Mythic Plus dungeons do count for these quests. You’ll recieve your quest item in the end chest.)

Handing in these quests will grant you 500 reputation each with the Shadowlands faction of your choice, which you can apply towards your Ascended reputation.

There will be one normal dungeon weekly quest and one heroic dungeon weekly quest each week for you to complete. Which quests are active for the week is random.

Normal Dungeon Weekly Quests

There are eight Trading Favors quests corresponding to each of the Shadowlands Dungeons. The Trading Favors quests require that you complete the dungeon at a normal difficulty or higher to get the quest item.

  • Trading Favors: Necrotic Wake
  • Trading Favors: Spires of Ascension
  • Trading Favors: Plaguefall
  • Trading Favors: Theater of Pain
  • Trading Favors: Tirna Scithe
  • Trading Favors: De Other Side
  • Trading Favors: Halls of Atonement
  • Trading Favors: Sanguine Depths

Heroic Dungeon Weekly Quests

There are eight A Valuable Find quests corresponding to each of the Shadowlands Dungeons. These quests require you to complete the dungeon at a heroic difficulty or higher to get the quest item.

  • A Valuable Find: Necrotic Wake
  • A Valuable Find: Spires of Ascension
  • A Valuable Find: Plaguefall
  • A Valuable Find: Theater of Pain
  • A Valuable Find: Tirna Scithe
  • A Valuable Find: De Other Side
  • A Valuable Find: Halls of Atonement
  • A Valuable Find: Sanguine Depths

Contract: The Ascended

Contracts are consumable items players with the Inscription profession are able to craft once they reach Revered status with a faction. The contract for the Ascended is Contract: The Ascended. They can be bought and sold on the auction house, so if you’re looking to earn Ascended rep, buying one there or getting a buddy to make you one is probably your best bet.

When you use Contract: The Ascended, you will get a 7 day duration buff show up on your character. For the next 7 days, whenever you complete a Shadowlands world quest, you will earn 10 bonus reputation with the Ascended.

Reputation Buffs

There are several events that grant a buff to reputation gains, granting bonus reputation for completing world quests or other reputation granting activities.

World Quest Weekly Bonus Event

One of the events in WoW’s rotation of weekly events is a World Quest bonus event. When this event is active, you’ll be able to get 50% bonus reputation from completing world quests. If you’re trying to get as much Ascended reputation as possible, this is a good time to do world quests in Bastion.

Darkmoon Faire Whee! Buff or Darkmoon Top Hat

During the Darkmoon Faire, which last for a week starting on the first Sunday of every month, you’ll be able to ride the Carousel or the Roller Coaster to gain the Whee! buff for an hour. This will grant you 10% bonus experience and reputation gains for the duration.

You can also get the Darkmoon Top Hat. This will give you a buff on use that will also grant you 10% bonus experience and reputation gains for an hour. These buffs do not stack.

Special Event Buffs

During special events or content lulls, Blizzard will sometimes have special buffs that are active for a limited time. Occasionally, this will be a reputation buff to help people catch up on their reputations before new content is added.