Spreading Decay

Spreading Decay is a quest in The Azure Span.

Spreading Decay
Zone The Azure Span
Questgiver Brena
Quest Start Coordinates 34.37, 31.03 The Azure Span
Quest Completion Brena
Quest Completion Coordinates 28.69, 34.82 The Azure Span
Previous Quests Gnoll Way Out
  • Ill Gnolls With Ill Intent
  • Leader of the Shadepaw Pack
  • Supplies!
  • Next Quest
    Currency Reward 2g 76s 20c

    Spreading Decay Quest Guide

    Brena asks you to meet her at the trading outpost to check on the tuskarr there. Speak to Brena at 28.69, 34.82 to complete the quest.

    Spreading Decay Quest Start

    Spreading Decay is started by speaking to Brena at 34.37, 31.03 after completing Gnoll Way OutIll Gnolls With Ill IntentLeader of the Shadepaw PackSupplies!.

    Spreading Decay Quest End

    Spreading Decay is completed by speaking to Brena at 28.69, 34.82.