Another Ambush

Another Ambush is a quest in The Azure Span.

Another Ambush
Zone The Azure Span
Questgiver Brena
Quest Start Coordinates 28.69, 34.82 The Azure Span
Quest Completion Brena
Quest Completion Coordinates 28.79, 34.73 The Azure Span
Previous Quest Spreading Decay
Next Quest
Reputation Reward Iskaara Tuskarr x 200
Currency Reward 27g 62s 0c

Another Ambush Quest Guide

Brena asks you to Speak to Akiun and examine the corpses of slain tuskarr at the trading post to figure out what happened.

First, speak to Akiun at 28.69, 34.76 and select the quest dialog option.

Then, examine all 4 bodies, located at

  • 29.24, 33.58
  • 29.18, 32.55
  • 28.20, 31.87
  • 27.96, 32.83

Once you’ve examined all 4, return to Brena to complete the quest.

Another Ambush Quest Start

Another Ambush is started by speaking to Brena at 28.69, 34.82 after completing Spreading Decay.

Another Ambush Quest End

Another Ambush is completed by speaking to Brena at 28.79, 34.73.