Shadowlands: Dark Abduction Cinematic Officially Released

shadowlands dark abduction cinematic - anduin's face

The official World of Warcraft YouTube channel released a new in-game cinematic today. This re-creates the scene from the Shadowlands reveal trailer where Sylvanas destroys the Helm of Domination and shows new content as well!

Shadowlands: Dark Abduction and Shadowlands Pre-Patch Spoilers Ahead! Watch the video before scrolling if you would like to see it yourself first!

The scene opens to show the shattered sky above Icecrown, and Bolvar being helped by to Acherus. He narrates the video as we cut to shots of faction leaders looking up at the dark skies after the veil between worlds is shattered. The last faction leaders we see are King Anduin Wrynn and Genn Greymane, who stand pensively at Varian’s tomb in Lion’s Rest within Stormwind.

Anduin then looks to the sky as two winged figures swoop down towards him. The figures shoot out ghostly chains — the same kind Sylvanas used against Bolvar in their fight atop Icecrown — and grab Anduin as he draws his sword in vain. He is flown off and Genn is left shouting Sylvanas’ name to the heavens (or rather, the Shadowlands) in rage.

The last thing we see is Bolvar’s face again, telling us “And when she comes, our end begins.”

The Missing King

With Anduin gone, the Alliance is left without their king and Turalyon sits on the throne. Where will that lead? We will find out as Shadowlands progresses!

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