Impressive Influence 100% Bonus Reputation Buff Returns for September

In a blue post today, Blizzard has announced the return of the Impressive Influence buff, which will grant 100% bonus reputation with all Legion and Battle for Azeroth factions. This time around, the buff also counts for the Rajani and Uldum Accord reputations. If there are some last minute rewards you’re looking for from either of those factions before Shadowlands pre-patch hits, now is the time to earn them!

Whether you’re working on collecting pets or mounts, or learning to fly in Battle for Azeroth, your goals are within your reach!

Beginning September 1 through the month of October, players can earn bonus reputation with the Impressive Influence buff, which will increase reputation gains by 100% with Legion and all Battle for Azeroth factions including Uldum Accord and Rajani!

What are you waiting for? Azeroth awaits.

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