Tome-ward Bound

Tome-ward Bound is a quest in The Azure Span.

Tome-ward Bound
Zone The Azure Span
Questgiver Kalecgos
Quest Start Coordinates 16.75, 37.31 The Azure Span
Quest Completion Kalecgos
Quest Completion Coordinates 15.30, 39.43 The Azure Span
Previous Quests Ley Litter
  • Cut Out the Rot
  • Echoes of the Fallen
  • Next Quest
    Reputation Reward Iskaara Tuskarr x 200
    Currency Reward 27g 62s 0c

    Tome-ward Bound Quest Guide

    Kalecgos asks you to help him use what he summons to defeat the gnolls and the Twisted Ancient.

    Speak to Kalecgos to tell him you’re ready to summon something from the Azure Archives.

    Then, click on the Tome of Spellflinging to ride it into battle. Defeat the 3 Brackenhid Putrifiers using the book, then defeat the Twisted Ancient.

    Speak to Kalecgos at 15.30, 39.43 to complete the quest.

    Tome-ward Bound Quest Start

    Tome-ward Bound is started by speaking to Kalecgos at 16.75, 37.31 after completing Ley LitterCut Out the RotEchoes of the Fallen.

    Tome-ward Bound Quest End

    Tome-ward Bound is completed by speaking to Kalecgos at 15.30, 39.43.