To Rhonin’s Shield

To Rhonin’s Shield is a quest in The Azure Span.

To Rhonin’s Shield
Zone The Azure Span
Questgiver Kalecgos
Quest Start Coordinates 39.48, 63.02 The Azure Span
Quest Completion Drok Scrollstabber
Quest Completion Coordinates 65.81, 25.32 The Azure Span
Previous Quest Calling the Blue Dragons
Next Quest
Currency Reward 6g 96s 37c

To Rhonin’s Shield Quest Guide

Kalecgos asks you to meet Drok Scrollstabber in the Tower Outlook to aid the Kirin Tor in the defense of Vakthros. Use your Arcane Stepping Stone on any of the Arcane fields to get to the top of the Azure Archives, then fly to Rhonin’s Shield at 65.81, 25.32. Speak to Drok Scrollstabber to complete the quest.

To Rhonin’s Shield Quest Start

To Rhonin’s Shield is started by speaking to Kalecgos at 39.48, 63.02 after completing Calling the Blue Dragons.

To Rhonin’s Shield Quest End

To Rhonin’s Shield is completed by speaking to Drok Scrollstabber at 65.81, 25.32.